India's Performances in Past Cricket World Cups

The Cricket World Cup will be held in October 2023. This is a huge event where the Indian team will be playing as the host nation. When these kinds of big tournaments take place, you can’t miss the opportunity to place a bet, and Pin Up Betting offers various options with excellent odds. Cricket is known to be the most popular sport in India. No wonder that all the attention of the fans will be focused on the World Cup in October.

Well, we suggest you to remember how India performed in the previous World Cups.

1975 – 2019 

The first Cricket World Cup took place in 1975. The tournament was hosted by England. Our team failed to prove itself at this event: 3 matches, 1 win, 0 draws/no result and 2 defeats. As a result, India finished their performances at the group stage. Then the tournament was won by the West Indies, beating Australia in the final.

The next World Cup was held in 1979, and the host of the tournament was England again. India’s results were almost identical to those of 1975, with only one difference: the win column was changed to “0” and there was one more defeat than four years earlier. Once again, the West Indies were the champions.

In 1983, the tournament was given again to England, but paired with Wales. And it was a success for India – a championship! Our team played 8 matches, in which they won 6 and lost 2. In the final, India managed to beat West Indies and got their first win in such a big tournament.

In 1987, the tournament was hosted by India and Pakistan. Our team played 7 matches, won 5 and lost 2 times. The India’s participation was finished at the semi-final stage, and the winner was Australia.

In 1992, Australia and New Zealand were the host countries of the tournament. India finished it at the Round-Robin stage and Pakistan became the champion. For this team it was the first victory at this event.

In 1996 the World Championship was held by three countries at once: India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Our team played 7 games, won 4 and lost 3 times. As a result – semi-final. But the champion was Sri Lanka, for whom this victory was the first.

1999 World Cup: Five countries hosted the tournament at once: England, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, and Wales. India finished the tournament at the Super Six stage. The champion was Australia, for whom it was their second title.

The 2003 World Cup took place in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. India played 11 games, won 9 and lost 2 times. Our team had a chance to win the second title, but in the final lost to Australia by 125 points, for whom this victory was the third at the World Championships.

In 2007, the tournament was held in the West Indies. Alas, our team failed to prove itself, finishing at the group stage. That year, Australia won the title for the fourth time in their history.

In 2011, the World Championship was organised in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. And for our national squad, it was a success – a victory! Sri Lanka was defeated in the final, and for India it was the second championship title.

In 2015, the tournament was taken to Australia and New Zealand. India performed well but reached just the semi-finals and the title was won by Australia for the fifth time.

In 2019, the World Cup was held in England and Wales. India again performed well but could only make it to the semi-finals, with England winning their first title.

Upcoming World Cup

According to statistics, when India is at least one of the host countries for the World Cup, the team makes it to at least the semi-finals. And it is obvious that India will be one of the main favourites in the upcoming tournament, so Pin Up Bet India offers betting on the upcoming games with good odds. The tournament starts on the 5th of October, so it’s a good time to study who has the best chances of winning. Let us remind you that the final of the 2023 World Cup will take place on the 19th of November.


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