Dos & don’ts of shooting the moon in a black queen card game you must know

The black queen card game happens to be the prominent variant of the game of hearts. And overtaking the hearts’ popularity, the game has become an individual game in its own right. It’s also referred to as the black lady, and it’s different from other variants due to the queen of hearts that carries 13 points. So, what are the dos and don’ts that you need to understand before shooting the moon in a black queen card game online? To ensure that you play effortlessly, consider following the given narration:

A Little About The Gameplay

The black queen card game has a surprising twist, and with that stated, the teams are indeed dynamic. You can play it with a standard stack of cards with a couple of cards removed to make the number of cards divisible by players’ numbers. It’s usually 7 or 6, though the game is flexible. The card that has the lowest value gets removed first. Some of the cards assign points, and they are:

  • Queen of spades is 30 points
  • The fives are 5 points each 
  • The tens are 10 points each; and 
  • The aces are 15 points each

These get calculated to a total of 150. And the cards get distributed amongst the players. The game starts with the bidding round, whereby each player bids the total amount of points that the team makes without consulting others. Now, let’s learn about the dos and don’ts to practice when playing the game.

Some Dos to Consider

Do Check the Hand

You don’t require considering high cards to shoot. All you need is a majority of them. You will generally wish for a longer suit where you hold a minimum of six cards that includes a majority of the royalty. Each hole in the hand, missing ace, is the trick that someone else may take to ruin the overall game.

Do Consider the Chances of Failure

When you try shooting the moon and missing out by the single heart, you may instead get 25 points. So, when you are at 75 points or even more, it may end your game in last place! So, it is imperative to ensure that you afford to fail!

Do Pass Honestly

When you try to shoot, you may not afford to have the cards in your hand that can force you to lose the trick with the points in it. So, when you have the suit with low cards, just get rid of the cards. Passing the low cards might make it understandable to the recipient you’re trying to shoot. Thus, stay aware of that.

In addition, you must also consider understanding that some players hold on to the high card instead of passing it, specifically to prevent players from shooting. When the competitor passes to you, it may make shooting harder.

In case you miss some fundamental cards (like the aces) and pass away the low cards, you might get only a 25 point hand. That’s quite obvious when the player right next to you has the ace card.

Some Don’ts that You Need to Consider

Don’t Forget Paying Attention to HOLES In the Hand

When you have the diamond card Q, K, 8, J, 7, or 3, you must see when an opponent plays an ace. If they do, hold the 3 highest diamonds and go on the run later.

However, until and unless the diamond ace falls, you do not hold the highest card. Somebody else may stop the run. Until the ace falls, you might require tipping the hand & making the moonshot attempt blatant. Else, the annoying missing ace might come back and take a heart at the wrong time & ruin the game!

Don’t Neglect Taking Control Once the Cards are Played That otherwise could have stopped you

A method is to make use of the high cards for taking tricks repeatedly. Then, you need to play the long suit starting with the highest cards. As soon as you hit your lower cards in a long suit, your opponents must be void such that you win tricks even with the three.

Don’t forget to ensure that you have high hearts

By the time hearts get broken, you might want to lead the K, A, and Q of the hearts just to take the three rounds of hearts from opponents. But it’s completely okay to have the low card, such as the five clubs that linger in hand as long as you take all hearts.

You must avoid the circumstance where you run the overall table. But what’s the final trick is how you play the five of the club. You also need to see how the neighbour plays their jack of clubs, and another one drops the heart to give your neighbour a point & ruin the moonshot.

With these pointers, you can win the black queen card game online excellently.


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