European Union Citizen – 8 possibilities

European Union citizenship is a privilege that opens many doors and provides many
benefits. It allows you to move freely, work and study in different EU countries and enjoy
many other rights. Therefore, below we will take a look at the ten main opportunities that
EU citizenship gives us. If, in turn, you would like to find out even more about both the
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What rights does a citizen of the European Union have?
A citizen of any EU country, including Poland of course, is at the same time a citizen of the
European Union. This means that the citizens of individual member states, such as Poland,
automatically become citizens of the European Union upon acquiring national citizenship.
Therefore there is no need to fulfil additional formalities or submit additional applications in
order to obtain citizenship of the Union.
It is worth noting that it is impossible to obtain citizenship of the European Union without
simultaneously obtaining citizenship of one of the Member States. In other words, in order
to be a citizen of the Union, it is necessary to be a member of one of the Member States of
the European Union, such as Poland. There is also no option of renouncing citizenship of the
European Union without simultaneously renouncing citizenship of a Member State of the
In the context of citizenship of the European Union, it is irrelevant whether a person also
holds another citizenship in addition to that of a member state of the Union. All that matters
is being a member of a Member State of the Union. Other Member States of the Union are
obliged to recognise this and may not impose additional requirements or limit the rights
deriving from EU citizenship on the basis of their national citizenship laws.
For example, a person who has acquired Polish citizenship under Polish law automatically
acquires EU citizenship, which is recognised by all other EU Member States.
Citizens of the European Union enjoy a number of rights established by EU legislation. The
most important of these rights include:
· The right to move and reside freely within the European Union countries.
· The right to work within the European Union.
· The right to do business within the European Union.
· The right to participate in elections to the European Parliament.
· The right to diplomatic and consular protection for citizens of the European
What are the benefits of European Union citizenship?
Having EU citizenship, as we can see, gives us many rights, but also many advantages which
need to be mentioned. The main ones are:
Freedom of movement
One of the most important aspects of EU citizenship is freedom of movement within the
member states. This allows you to travel visa-free within the Schengen area, making it easier
to explore different cultures and places.
The right to work in other EU countries
As an EU citizen, you have the right to work in any member state without having to obtain a
work permission. This is a huge benefit for people who are looking for new professional
opportunities and experience abroad.
The right to education in other EU countries
EU citizenship gives you access to education on an equal footing with nationals. We can
therefore study at renowned European universities and benefit from various scholarship
Consular protection and assistance abroad
If you find yourself in a crisis situation abroad, you are entitled to consular support and
assistance from your EU country’s embassy or consulate. This is a guarantee of safety during
your trip and throughout your stay.
The right to health insurance
EU citizens have the right to receive healthcare on the same basis as residents of the
country where they are temporarily staying. This is a significant convenience when travelling
on business or during holiday.
The right to vote and stand as a candidate in local and European elections
As an EU citizen, you can vote in local and European elections in the country where you are
currently staying. This is a way for you to actively participate in your local community and
shape the future of Europe.
The right to protection against discrimination and injustice
The European Union is strongly committed to protecting human rights and equality. EU
citizens are therefore protected against all forms of discrimination and injustice throughout
the territory of all Member States.
Right to present a citizens’ initiative
EU citizens have the right to initiate legislation by submitting a citizens’ initiative. This is a
way to actively participate in the democratic processes of the European Union.


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