Everything You Need to Know About Split Testing Landing Pages

When designing your first landing page or updating it to better fit the current interests and style preferred by your target market, testing the page is key to getting the best results. Split testing landing pages is the process of creating two landing pages, either with significant differences between them or slight changes to make each different, and testing them both at the same time to determine which one is the best received.

What Is Split Testing?

Split testing allows you to test the success and conversion rate of more than one landing page at a time. I came across a landing page agency in New Zealand that appeared to test two slightly different versions or a few pages with significant differences between them. This process allows you to see which aspects are successful and which are not and determine which version of your landing page should be launched going forward. In split testing, one change is made between the two versions, no matter how significant the change is, rather than multivariate testing, which allows the testing of completely different versions with many changes. While many will consider either set of tests to be split testing, as long as there are two versions of the same page, they disregard how many differences or changes were made.

This can be concluded for each and every page on your website, one page at a time, and will allow you to gather information about which version of each page gets the best results. It must be repeated each time you are facing a new change or once every year or so to ensure that the copy being used is still valid. Themes, styles, and preferences change over time, and it is necessary to continue adapting your website to the new preferences in order to stay relevant and popular.

How Many Versions Can Be Tested?

When split testing, you can try as many versions of each page as you would like. You can test two versions of a landing page, three or four versions of a home page or contact page, allowing you to try several versions of the same page to determine which is the most successful and then implement that version for your page.

What Types of Variables Are Altered?

You can use any version, with any changes between the versions. Some of the most commonly adapted variables include the image on the page, the call to action and how the button for the call to action appears, the fonts used throughout, and the color scheme employed. In addition, headlines can be adapted and changed, both in word choices as well as presentation.

Changing the layout can draw attention to different areas of the page, and this will encourage people to respond to your call to action and interact with your page. Links can be moved to become more focused upon and easier to see, or they can be moved aside for a larger image or welcome. There are unlimited ways to adapt the page to do testing with.


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