Explained: What is Home Collection Of Medical Sample & How You Can Avail It

A healthy lifestyle is essential for human pleasure. Many elements influence the development of human health, including genes, physical environment, lifestyle, and the quality of one’s relationships, among others. The need for regular health examinations such as urine and blood testing cannot be overstated if you wish to maintain your good health. Blood tests are used to diagnose a wide range of disorders, including diabetes, chikungunya, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other conditions. A complete blood cell test would assist in determining the number of white blood cells and red blood cells, including platelets, present in a patient’s circulation and will be performed in the laboratory. This can aid in the detection of anomalies in their population.

Home sample home collection: The New Normal

Following the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, there has been a decrease in the number of persons who visit laboratories for blood draws as well as blood testing. As a result, an increasing number of patients are choosing to have their blood samples drawn at home. As a precaution, many people are delaying standard testing and medical attention in order to limit the transmission of Covid-19. Some laboratories are reporting a reduction in phlebotomy sessions and blood test volumes of as much as 40%, according to the data.

What is the procedure?

For many individuals, a change in their health is a highly sensitive subject. Sometimes reliable laboratory facilities are located a long distance away from the patient’s residence. As a result, patients must travel considerable distances and wait significant periods of time for the test to also be administered to them. Patients may find the entire process demotivating, and their stress levels may rise as a result of the procedure. Therefore home collection seems to be the best way for medical testing.

Home sample collection the best way for people

The experts from the lab will reach your home after you book the appointment for home collection. Following the collection of the samples, they will be analyzed at the labs or transported to the central processing center, where a final report will be generated and forwarded to the individuals who submitted the samples.

It’s ideal for

  • Patients who are confined to their beds
  • Patients who have just undergone surgery
  • Patients above the age of 65
  • Patients who are chronically unwell
  • Ladies who are expecting a child
  • It alleviates the tension associated with travel.


No stress of commuting

Not that every individual who is afflicted by a medical condition has the luxury of being able to move around freely. Some medical issues might deteriorate over time if the person is subjected to a great deal of stress. This might occur as a result of going from one’s house to the hospital in order to submit samples. Additionally, the excessive traffic that we face everywhere might exacerbate the situation. This can be prevented if we have access to healthcare services delivered to our homes by a home doctor. If the patient would not have to commute far to go to the hospital, he or she will be spared the added burden of having to physically be available at the institution. Hence you can rely on Flebo’s home collection services all the time for convenient sample collection and test reports.

Complete and total anonymity

Conditions like HIV/AIDS are associated with a social stigma; therefore, patients who are suffering from this illness are reluctant to disclose their medical status to the general population. The fact that they will not come into touch with anybody other than their family during home blood testing might assist them in maintaining total privacy.


The use of home collection increases the safety of both healthcare professionals and patients. Patients are not required to attend a clinic in order to have their blood drawn or tested. Instead, blood collection kits are mailed to the patient in order to collect blood samples. Patients should submit their samples to the lab in the specified envelope so that they can be tested. Traditional blood draws are being phased out in favor of a more patient-centric approach to blood collection. Certain healthcare institutions continue to send phlebotomists to patients’ homes in order to provide mobile lab operations when necessary; however, this practice entails some safety concerns.

Save time

Most working people these days have a hectic schedule, which is prevalent among those who are self-employed. Individuals who fall into this category may not even have the option to attend their local hospital in the event that they require a blood test. They can, however, arrange blood or other home collection visit at home after contacting their diagnostic center and have the test completed in the comfort of their own home.


With this service, the personnel may collect samples from patients in the comfort of their own homes. Because it is simple to use and saves time traveling, it enhances the patient’s overall experience. With this service, you will no longer have to stand in line for extended periods of time at diagnostic facilities.


Whenever we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we think about our home. This is due to the fact that the sort of happy and safe atmosphere that we experience at home is unparalleled. With the availability of a home collection facility, you do not have to worry about going to the lab for a test.


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