Features of the Pacwell Pressure Washer & Why You Need To Buy One

The following article focuses on the Pacwell pressure washer. The report looks at the features of the washer that make it better than the rest. It also discusses why the features are beneficial to the buyer and how they make your work easier.

The increase in the number of cars across the country has led to an increased demand of car washes. The car wash business has developed and become a very lucrative venture in the country. A pressure washer is among the essentialtools required to run a car wash. The Pacwell pressure washer is one of the most efficient pressure washers available in the market.

Pacwell is a company that provides equipment and machinery for business owners, legal advisers and lenders. The organization also gives specialized witness services on equipment and machinery valuations for private and public companies. The brand is trusted all over Kenya as their machines are very reliable and efficient.

Engine power

Engine power of a pressure washer is very importantas it determines the flow rate and water pressure. The Pacwell pressure washer has an impressive engine that provides 5HP. The powerful engine capacity gives the washer high pressure capabilities. The high flow rate of the machine ensures more water is ejected; thus, vehicles are cleaned quickly.

While the features of the Pacwell pressure washer are impressive, it’s important to remember that maintaining and operating such equipment requires expertise. For those who prefer professional help in power washing, you can visit for comprehensive services and expert advice.

Hose length

The length of the hose affects the ease of cleaning vehicles. The cleaning becomes easier as the length of the cleaning wand increases. The Pacwell pressure washer comes with a long wand to allow owners to navigate the vehicle with much ease. This eliminates the need to move the whole machine along. The long wand and affordable Pacwell pressure washer price in Kenya make it a good option for buyers.


Nozzles are designed for a particular kind of cleaning. Different types of nozzles are suited for different kinds of cleaning. The Pacwell pressure washer has different nozzles to enable owners to clean all types of dirt. The owner only needs to adjust the nozzles to suit the kind of cleaning they are doing. From cleaning town cars to muddy lorries and trucks, the machine can do it all.


Washers that eject water at high speeds are recommended for cleaning as they make the cleaning process easier and are able to remove mud and grime faster. The Pacwell pressure washer provides high pressure to its users and does not experience pressure surges. The Pacwell pressure washer price in Kenya depends on the PSI rating. The price increases as the PSI rating increases.


Portability affects the ease to move a machine. The Pacwell pressure washer is portable and easy to move around. If you are cleaning a large vehicle, you can easily move the machine from one end of the vehicle to the other.


There are several brands of pressure washers in Kenya. The Pacwell pressure washer is one of the best pressure washers available in the market. The machine has numerous features that make it better than the rest. Ensure you only buy the machines from reputable suppliers and distributors.


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