FIFA 23 Updates The Passing Gameplay Mechanic

FIFA 23 introduces more passing options and types that will improve the gameplay and also hundreds of new animations for spectacular moves.

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FIFA 23 New Passing Options and Types

The competitive passing feature has received a few updates. Players will get less assistance for semi-assisted through passes. This happens when the players have good or not precise enough aim. The update gives more control and opens new possibilities. The semi-assisted lobbed though passing is a new option. This setting depends on the player’s aim. You can use this setting with the manual or assisted options. Semi-assisted lob is another new setting. It depends more on the player’s aim than assisted lobs. The pass receiver lock setting power up was added. When users release the pass button or when the power bar is filled, this setting will choose the pass receiver. The crossing zone was extended. The update will allow players to make crosses at the top of the box. This move was inspired by footballers’ real-life performances. Son Heung-min is a player known for this move. Players can use the L2 or LT button to request an outside of the foot pass. This is shared with flair passes. The appendage enriches the chances of a special animation. The chances increase if a high power is asked. Players that have the outside of the foot trait have higher accuracy for these passes. Goalkeepers that have low short or long pass attributes are more consistent at these moves. FIFA 23 players will enjoy many more new pass-related animations. The game comes with hundreds of new animations. These will trigger when footballers achieve all sorts of pass moves, such as volley, outside of foot lob, kick off, and the new buttock flair. FIFA 23 is less than one month away. The pre-order includes several goodies such as Hero and Ones to Watch items. If you buy the Ultimate edition, you also get three days of early access. A recent beta update issue made the game available for a short while a month before the official release. Most info was already removed from the internet, but we got to see some interesting details, such as Ronaldo’s 81 OVR item.

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