Five Tips for New Taxi Drivers

Starting out as a taxi driver is exciting. You’ll be chatting to all sorts of different people across your working day and providing a valuable service by taking them from A to B. But of course, you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Aside from buying a comfortable and reliable taxi to use on the job, there are other, less obvious, things to know. Below, we explore some of the best tips for new taxi drivers.

Study the area

As a taxi driver, you need to be able to navigate traffic and roadworks to get the customer to their destination in the quickest time possible. To be one step ahead of the game, you need to truly understand the area you’re driving in. If one road is notoriously slow, you need to be avoiding it. Ensure you’re on top of things by studying your local area. Some will be more difficult than others (London actually requires a knowledge test before receiving your licence!) but it’ll be worthwhile.

Best hours to work

Ideally, you want to be working during the busiest periods of the day to ensure that you’re always picking up customers. Sure, the morning and afternoon commute will have more traffic – but as long as you can get each job in time it’ll be worth it. You can also look at Friday and Saturday evenings; there’ll be plenty of people needing a lift before a night out if you’re willing to transport people who’ve consumed plenty of alcohol.

Get your own booking app or website

These days, customers want the ease of hailing a taxi via an app. You can grow your taxi business by getting your own app, therefore. It’ll require a little investment, but the customer growth will most likely be worth it in the long-term.

Promote on social media

By having an online presence, more potential customers will be able to notice your work. It doesn’t have to be too complex either: make sure you’re on plenty of social media platforms, ensure you have a website with booking features, and you can offer discounts to lure customers in.

Provide great customer service

Always be polite and friendly. Even if traffic delays a trip, good manners can help provide a good service to the customer. Plus, you and your business will be remembered as a trusty service in future.


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