Football Betting in Mexico

Football in Mexico is more than a sport; it’s a national passion. Betting on football has become an increasingly popular way to engage with this beloved sport. 1xBet, a globally recognized betting platform known for its wide range of sports betting options, including soccer, is also popular in Mexico. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of football betting in Mexico.

History of Betting in Mexico


  • Pre-Colonial and Colonial Influences: Betting in Mexico has roots stretching back to indigenous games before the Spanish conquest. These early forms of betting were intertwined with cultural and religious practices. The Spanish colonization introduced European forms of betting, which blended with indigenous traditions, leading to a unique betting culture in Mexico.

20th Century Developments

  • Formalization and Growth: In the early 20th century, betting began to take more organized forms, though largely unregulated. This period saw the rise of betting on horse racing, cockfighting, and other local sports.
  • Government Intervention and Regulation: The mid-20th century brought government intervention. The 1947 Federal Law of Games and Draws marked the beginning of formal regulation in the betting sector.

Modern Era and Online Betting

  • Regulatory Evolution: Continuing from the late 20th century into the 21st, Mexico’s betting regulations have evolved, especially with the advent of online betting. Efforts have been made to adapt the legal framework to address the challenges and opportunities presented by online sports betting.
  • Impact of Online Betting: The internet revolutionized betting, making sports betting more accessible and popular. The government has worked on incorporating online betting into the existing legal framework, balancing regulatory measures with market growth.

Economic and Social Impact

  • Contribution to Economy: Sports betting, particularly football betting, has become a significant economic activity in Mexico, contributing to both local and national economies.
  • Social and Ethical Considerations: The rise of betting has led to increased awareness and discussions about responsible gambling, addiction, and the ethical implications of betting in society.

Mexican Football

Liga MX

  • Competition Structure: Liga MX operates with a unique structure, featuring the Apertura and Clausura tournaments each year, which adds a dynamic element to the betting scene.
  • Historical Significance: Liga MX is not just a football league; it’s a part of Mexico’s cultural fabric, reflecting the country’s passion for football.

Prominent Teams and Rivalries

  • Club América: Often at the center of the betting scene due to its high profile and historic achievements.
  • Chivas de Guadalajara: Its policy of playing only Mexican players adds a layer of national pride to its matches, influencing betting trends.
  • Cruz Azul and Pumas UNAM: These teams have a dedicated following and their matches, especially derbies, are a focal point for bettors.

Influential Figures

  • Legacy of Legendary Players: The legacy of players like Hugo Sánchez and Cuauhtémoc Blanco continues to influence the betting scene, with new generations of players emerging as key figures.
  • Impact of Coaches: Coaches like Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti and Miguel Herrera have made their mark, not just on their teams but on the betting odds and trends with their tactical approaches and team management.

Trends and Betting Preferences

  • Popular Betting Markets: The most popular betting markets in Mexican football include match winners, over/under goals, and player-specific bets like first goal scorer.
  • Influence of International Players and Trends: The presence of international players in Liga MX and the influence of global football trends also play a significant role in shaping the betting landscape.


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