Four Reasons To Move To Town And Country, Missouri

The picturesque city of Town and Country, Missouri, is a fine place indeed. The population – stable at around two percent growth per year – is steadily increasing for good reasons. This article consists of a quick rundown of the most important reasons to move to the area. Whether you are a Missourian looking to get close to St. Louis or a Chicagoan sick of the hustle and bustle of the rat race, Town and Country is the place for you.

Proximity To Great American Cities

Although Town and Country is a city in its own right, it is also often considered to be part of the wider St. Louis area. St. Louis is a city with a rich heritage. It boomed in the 1890s when it became America’s fourth biggest city due to having a crucial role in transcontinental railway systems. Today it is a bustling multicultural metropolis with all the trappings of a great American city.

If you feel like going slightly further afield on a day trip or weekend visit, then it is less than a five-hour drive from Town and Country to the windy city itself, Chicago. Chicago – which also boomed in the late 19th Century due to rail trade – is one of the most fascinating cities in the entire country and has world-class museums and galleries as well as a diverse culinary culture.

Great Facilities

Town and Country assisted living facilities are top notch. It has an excellent hospital, entertainment, grocery, and fire service facilities as well. Due to the small area, all of the facilities you might need are within a half-hour drive. If you plan to move to the area to retire – as many people do – then the ease with which facilities can be reached should be a boon. The proximity to St. Louis means that any more hard to find facilities are generally within an hour’s drive.

Small Town Atmosphere

Town and Country has a small town, rural atmosphere while being situated close to major cities, which is a rare find indeed. This atmosphere is partially down to the low population density in the area. An average of 935 people per square mile live in the city, which means people tend to have a great deal of space. Crime rates are also very low in the area, which consistently proves to be far safer than the nearby cities.

Due to the low crime rate, small population, and low population density, Town and Country is a genuinely friendly place. If talking to neighbors, participating in events, and engaging with a community is something you long for, then Town and Country is the area for you.

Fascinating Heritage

Town and Country has some fascinating heritage. As a town that boomed during the expansion of railways in the USA, many of the heritage sites in the area concern the significant impact of transcontinental transportation on the central USA. Town and Country contains the National Museum of Transportation – an extremely well put together museum that chronicles the evolution of trains, planes, and automobiles.

If you’re after the peace and quiet of a small town but want to be close to a big city, a move to Town and Country might just be for you.


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