From Yoga to Crossfit: How to Choose the Perfect Sports Bra for Your Workout

Working out or doing yoga helps women stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The most important part of practising such an activity is following correct techniques and postures, and your outfit is what facilitates your body movements as necessary. Among various women’s sportswear, the sports bra holds a special place. Whether you’re hitting the yoga mat, lifting weights at the gym, or tackling a high-intensity Crossfit session, the right sports bra can make all the difference in your comfort, performance, and overall fitness experience. Read on to learn the tips to select the perfect women’s sports bra for your workout routine. 

Why Is It Important to Wear a Sports Bra when Working Out?

The main purpose of a bra is keeping your breasts in place and minimising their movement. When engaging in physical activities such as yoga or crossfit, your body moves faster than it does when you are engaging in your other day-to-day activities. On such occasions, a normal bra designed for everyday use becomes insufficient, which is why you need to wear a sports bra for additional support. 

A yoga sports bra or a crossfit bra minimises the discomforts that can occur due to fast movement of your breast tissues during physical activities, as they provide more coverage and a tight fit. As they reduce the breast movement up to 70%, sports bras prevent long-term damage to the ligaments and tissues in the breast, promoting breast health. Additionally, a well-fitted sports bra enhances comfort and allows for unrestricted movement, helping you focus on your workout routine rather than worrying about cramps, aches, and discomforts. By reducing excessive bouncing and providing stability, sports bras can significantly enhance your performance and confidence. Apart from offering physical comfort, a well-designed sports bra can have a high impact on your outer appearance too. If your goal is to hit the gym or jog to the nearest park to do your workout routine, the key is to choose the right sports bra that would keep you comfortable and in style. Below are the factors that you should take into account when choosing a sports bra. 

1. Pick a Suitable Material

Sports bras are made from different materials such as cotton, polyester, spandex, and merino wool. If you are working out in a super-hot environment, a cotton bra can be a good option as it absorbs sweat and keeps you cool. However, cotton is not a durable material and it takes longer to dry compared to other materials. At present, a mixture of nylon and spandex has become a trending material. It features quick-dry properties and feels extra soft and light on your body. This material is stretchable and provides your breasts adequate support to stay in place. Additionally, they are highly durable and you can definitely use them in the long run. 

2. Know Your Size

Wearing a sports bra of the wrong size can be worse than not wearing a sports bra at all. However, choosing a sports bra that fits you well can be difficult as there are no standard sports bra sizes like in normal bras. Sometimes the sizes vary among different brands and even among different models. If you are walking into a store to buy a sports bra, you may try it on and jump a few times to check whether it feels comfortable on your body. If you are purchasing online, you may measure your breast first (breast circumference and underbust circumference) and check carefully on the size chart of the manufacturer. 

3. Check the Closure and Straps

The closure and the straps have a major impact on how a fitness sports bra fits on you. WIth the influence of fashion and innovative designs, gym bras come in a variety of styles that have straight straps, cross straps, racerback, as well as one-shoulder straps. The size of the strap should depend on the size of your breasts. If you have large breasts, it is recommended that you choose a bra with wide straps, whereas thin straps would be sufficient if you have small breasts. Most sports bras do not have hooks or buttons as they can hinder your comfort while doing sports. They can be slipped in one go with ease. When buying a sports bra, you may also look for removable breast pads. When your bra’s padding is removable, you can wash them separately and keep them in good condition for a long time rather than washing them along with the bra, ruining their shape and integrity. 

To Sum Up

Choosing sports apparels needs to be done with care whether you are looking for a sports bra, a tennis skirt, or a pair of yoga shorts. The key to making your workout routine effective and more comfortable is to wear the right outfit. When buying a sports bra for yourself, make sure to pay attention to its material, size, fit, and the straps and closure. A quality sports bra that provides ample support to the breasts and adds chicness to your overall appearance can give you confidence and motivation to take your fitness journey to the next level. 


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