Funniest Bingo Jokes In The UK

Bingo gaming spread out from the UK to other places a lot of decades ago. If we say that Bingo as a game originated from the UK, we haven’t made a mistake. Till today the UK remains the biggest hub of Bingo Gaming even though the game has spread to other parts of the world – visit

This takes us to the purpose of what you’re about to read; Funniest Bingo jokes in the UK. You’ll get to know what bingo jokes are and where they originated from; you’ll also read some of the funniest of jokes you’ve ever read.

Are Bingo Jokes?

Bingo is that game that is known to have created the most interesting of jokes in the history of gaming. There are 100s of jokes all over the internet that emanated from Bingo Houses. Each of which has a meaning in Bingo gaming. Some of them are even used to pass messages among players in codes that only players understand. Well, the truth is some jokes are about players, some of them are relating to cards, some of them to jackpots.

However, these jokes have spread so much that people who are not even players now use them. They’re generally a broad list of intended pun that is related to Bingo Gaming. It is called many names. Such as Bingo Sayings, Bingo Pun, Bingo Jokes, Bingo Quotes and Ideas, Bingo Pick up lines, etc. You’re sure eager to see some of them, right? Keep reading.

What are Bingo Calls?

Bingo calling is the noise or calls out of numbers made during a bingo game session; the person that does this is called a bingo caller. Remember that Bingo is a game of numbers and patterns. Do you want to see some jokes about Bingo Calls?  Let’s catch this cruise together.

Some Bingo call nicknames

These are some of the numbers and their nicknames you’re likely to come across in the UK. Each number has a pun-like or code-like thing attached to it.

1 –  Man Alive

4 – Knock at the door

7 – Lucky Seven

8 – Garden’s Gate

10 – Prime Minister’s Den

12 – One dozen

13 – Unlucky for some

16 – Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed

22 – Two little dicks

22 – two dozen

32 – Buckle my shoe

42 – Winnie the Pooh

Some of the funniest bingo jokes in the UK

  1. Ron was taught Bingo by his grandfather, and to celebrate the latter’s ninetieth birthday, Ron called it Top of the Shop Party.
  2. What is a bingo player’s favourite dinner? A sizzler.
  3. How did the sailor win the Bingo? He heard two quacks; it was the two ducks in the ocean.
  4. How does a mid-age man call his cards? 25 and mid-life crisis.
  5. How does a GenZ play Bingo? 49 and Amazon Prime
  6. How do newlyweds play Bingo? 9 and you’re mine
  7. 68 and late for my date – My weekend and Bingo

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