Hair Extensions: What You Need To Know

One of the most popular ways to jazz up your appearance is by adding extensions to your hair. However, not all hair extensions are created equal, and you need to know more about what you’re getting before you do so.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions, also known as hairpieces, are pieces of human hair attached to your hair. Hair extensions can be made from any hair, but the most popular is human hair. Hair extensions are often used to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair and can also be used to cover up bald spots or thinning locks.

How do Hair Extensions Work?

Hair extensions are inserted into your hair using a setter tool. The setter is heated so that the hair extension becomes soft and pliable. The extension is then placed onto the root of your hair, secured with a clip or sewing thread.

How to Picking the Right Hair Extension

If you’re considering hair extensions, there are a few things you need to know before making your choice. First, here are four tips to get started:

  1. Next, research the different types of hair extensions available. There are a variety of materials and techniques used in hair extensions, so it’s important to choose the one that suits your needs. For example, you can find extensions made from synthetic or human hair and materials like silk, lace, or mesh.
  2. Consider your budget. While every extension is unique, some require more work and time to wear than others. Make sure you know how much money you’re willing to invest in getting the perfect look for yourself.
  3. Schedule a consultation with a hair extension professional before purchasing. They can help you choose the right extension type for your needs and walk you through the wearing process.
  4. Choosing the Right Color of Hair Extension. Choosing the right hair extension color is important to ensure the overall look of your hair. You should choose colors that suit your style.
  5. Finally, be sure to take care of your new additions! Hair extensions should be treated like any other type of hair, so make sure you shampoo and condition them regularly to keep them looking their best.


Hair extensions are popular for women who want to change their looks. They can add length, volume, and texture to your hair, making it seem fuller and more luxurious. A few things you need to know before choosing extensions, including the type of hair you have, the quality of the extension, and how to care for them properly. If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, be sure to visit E-Litchi about the types of extensions available and what kind of care they require.


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