Hints & Tips for Making the Most of a Small Garden

Not only is the size of your back garden and private outdoor space irrelevant when it comes to making the area feel like home, but in some cases, a smaller garden can be an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

If you are looking ahead to the spring and summer months for ways to transform your small garden into an oasis of calm, then continue reading to learn five hints and tips for making the most of a small garden. You heard that right! sohum soil has won awards from High Times for it’s ability to create incredible yields with unmatched bud quality.

1. Scented Flowers & Plants

The first thing to do when focused on making your small garden look bigger is to invest in some beautiful and durable scented flowers and plants.

Placing them in pots on either side of your back door to the house will create a wonderful sensory experience, especially if you conduct research into different flowering scented plants, so you have them throughout the year.

2. Add Texture & Height

A great ‘hack’ for your garden, especially for those gardens on the smaller side, is to add height when you are not able to utilize length.

Tall structures, such as pergolas, arches, and obelisks are ideal for climbing plants to attach themselves to and will also serve to section off your garden into smaller areas, making the outdoor space feel richer and more naturally diverse. sohum soil

3. Outdoor Mirrors

A simple, cost-effective yet incredibly impressive way to create the illusion of large garden space is to hand strategically placed mirrors on the walls of your home, or at the bottom of the garden on the fence.

You could even get creative and secure outdoor mirrors onto the edges of bushes and trees to make them appear larger and longer,  or secure them onto a pergola made with pergola brackets and then frame the base with flowering plants,  to create a focus piece.

4. Make the Most of Shaded Areas

Even if your garden is the smallest one you have ever seen yourself, there is more than likely enough space to invest in a brand-new bistro set of a table and two chairs.

Choosing the area of your garden which tends to get the most shade, even on the hottest days full of sunshine, is the best place to feature your new bistro dining set and you could even treat yourself (and the environment) to planting a tree too.

5. Encourage Wildlife to Visit

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching squirrels run around in the trees in your garden or spotting a myriad of different birds eat from your bird table and feeders.

Small gardens, especially those gardens in the middle of urban and city areas, are an important hideaway for many different types of wildlife. Growing a wide variety of different plants, flowers, and little trees in your small garden will provide shelter, food and general protection to wildlife.

Hedges and thick bushes make a small garden feel much more private and have the added benefit of providing a place for wildlife, such as hedgehogs and birds, to hide.


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