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A New Toilet Installation Will Please The Whole Family

Is it the perfect time to change your toilet? Do you experience continuous water dripping from taps and showers, flooding of the floor, broken toilet floors or units?

If yes, then we strongly recommend you upgrade your toilet to your taste! So behold all your imagination and let it flow to an artistic changeover. A change is necessary as it brings about a significant difference in the habits of people.

But should you do it yourself or hire professionals? Let’s figure it out!

Get Your Toilet Installed Professionally

Appointing a professional to install a toilet in Canberra will help you avoid any future problems that can pop up due to a changeover.  A licensed contractor has the best experience to work on such projects and avoids significant plumbing issues or leaking.

When you are unsure about this great changeover and what would fit the best, considering all your members’ tastes, these professionals advise you on the best styles, brands, long-lasting products, etc. A simple wrong installation can damage the whole setup. Therefore, it’s best to seek help from these professionals who have a deep knowledge of molds and faulty products like valves, pipes, floor types, basins, sinks, etc.

Spending money during the initial stages of construction is the best rather than draining cash on a simple fault affecting the whole setup after the complete installation. But, again, professional advice one on these issues.

Here are the steps to how professionals install your toilet

  1. Overviewing the toilet parts- They go through all the toilet parts and know exactly which part comes after the procedure of attaching that.
  2. Prepping the floor- Preparing the floor is very important before installing the toilet.
  3. Installing the Soil Pipe- After prepping the floor, the soil pipe is installed to know exactly where to install the toilet.
  4. Cement the stop valve- They close all the water supply and cement the stop valve for your toilet.
  5. Installing the toilet wax ring- The toilet wax ring is installed. If they are just replacing an old toilet, this would be the first thing.
  6. Installing the tank is time-consuming because ensuring the tank’s handle connects to the flapper chain.
  7. Assembly of the seat- After all is done. The seat is carefully assembled.
  8. Finishing touches- After everything is completed, take a demo and check if everything is fine.

Toilet Installation Doesn’t Cost As Much As You Think

Most people believe that installing a new toilet might cost you a fortune, but that’s not true at all. If the toilet is on a basic level, it may cost $150-200, and if it is a luxury toilet, it can go up to $300-400. So buying a new bathroom can be a little expensive; it may cost up to $500. You can also hire professional services to install a toilet in Canberra.


A changeover not only brings a change in the lifestyle of an individual and the family as a whole. The washroom is that section of the home where a thousand ideas have to be considered keeping in mind the tastes of all the members of the family.


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