How a Motorhome Can Enhance Your Camping Experience

A lot of dedicated campers might bemoan those who use a motorhome, claiming that it’s not ‘real’ camping and that that experience is only had from staying in a tent. While there are some quirks to sleeping in tents when you’re camping, the reality is that they are not always comfortable or necessarily suitable for certain types of year. While a good quality tent can help to keep you warmer, and it might even be easier to pitch a tent in certain areas, here are a few reasons why a motorhome could enhance your camping experience and be the preferable choice.

A Sense of Security

A motorhome is not going to make you feel as safe and secure as a house made of bricks, or perhaps not even as much as a log cabin, but it certainly tops a tent for this. When it is raining outside and the winds are blowing, you will feel much warmer and cozier in a motorhome than you would a tent, that would be moving in the wind. Furthermore, when you can hear wildlife scuttling around outside your tent it can make you feel a lot more vulnerable. While most of the time you will be fine, you’ll still sleep a little easier when the animals are outside of your motorhome rather than relying on some thin material between you and whatever creature is out there.

It Is More Comfortable

You can always invest in camping cots to put in your tent, and this will allow you to sleep elevated from the ground and be slightly more comfortable. However, they still aren’t quite as comfortable as the beds that come in motorhomes which have cushions/mattress for a better night’s sleep. It still might be a little cramped in your motorhome, but it will feel more comfortable than in a tent. There are even sofas you can sit on around a table to eat or to curl up and read a book when you want to take a break from hiking or the other activities you have been enjoying on your trip.

A Private Bathroom

Not all models will come with a toilet and/or shower built-in, but there are motorhomes with these features available on the market. They might not be particularly glamourous, but if having a private bathroom area is important to you, you will likely prefer to use the bathrooms in the campsites or rest stops when you’re on the road. Models with these features will be more expensive, but you can look at finance options at Auto Finance Online to help you pay for the motorhome of your dreams.

You Can Travel for Longer

It’s always important to have breaks when you’re traveling, especially if you’re driving long distances. One of the benefits of taking a motorhome on your camping trip is that if you are going to a destination that is far away, one driver can take a nap in the back while someone else takes over. This way, you don’t have to make too many stops and can even drive through the night to reach your destination sooner rather than later provided you have someone else to share the drive with you.

There are certainly perks to camping in a tent that a lot of people enjoy, but there is no denying that camping in a motorhome can be a much better experience for those who want more comfort.


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