How can you reduce commercial vehicle accidents?

Crashing into a commercial vehicle is more common than you might think. There are more than 140 million business vehicles on the road. More than 119,000 people were hurt, and 4,400 people died in commercial vehicle accidents in 2016. That’s what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says (FMCSA).

The first thing to do is stay at least a safe distance away.

Keep a safe distance between your car and the business vehicle in front of you to have more time to react to what the driver does next. The view of the road will also get better. Another essential thing to remember is that commercial vehicles have more prominent blind spots than regular cars. It’s dangerous to drive too close to the back or side of a commercial vehicle because the driver won’t be able to see you.

It would help if you kept an eye out for the turn signals.

People who drive business cars should keep an eye out for their turn signals so that they can move quickly. Commercial vehicles are more likely to get into accidents at intersections because they have a lot of space to turn around. When a long commercial truck makes a turn, it may have to cross several lanes. This is because of the truck’s size.

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To be safe, you should take some steps. People who drive commercial trucks have a lot of blind spots, so they can’t see behind their cars when they’re passing and can only see a small part of the right-hand lane when they’re passing. Avoid being in the driver’s blind spot by not getting too close to the car in front of you. A commercial driver will know what you’re going to do long before you try to pass them if you give them a heads-up.

People should take their time. As long as there is enough space in front of you, it is best to pass a truck quickly. A lot of time in the lane next to a truck is terrible. There are a lot of times when one of the tires on a truck-breaks, or it flips over.

Predictability is the best way to go. The more you drive near big trucks, the more important this is. If you communicate your intentions through signals, the truck driver will be able to see what you want to do and adjust their driving to fit your plans. Do this when you change lanes or make a turn.

When driving, you should avoid being distracted at all costs. Driving on the highway is a long and tedious part of the trip. However, you should not drive if you are tired or have a lot on your mind. People on the road aren’t just bored. Make a list of what you want to listen to, read, or watch while on the road to avoid running out of things to do while away. It’s dangerous to drive when you’re looking at your phone or the radio while behind the wheel. Make a change only when you get to a rest area or a safe place to stop. Stop when you start to feel tired—waiting until you fall asleep puts you in a dangerous situation.

Final words

Truck drivers who work long hours on the road are often tired. Even if drivers follow the law regarding how many consecutive hours they can drive, they may still get tired. The reaction time of commercial drivers can be slowed down by fatigue, so you need to account for this when planning a trip. They should be extra careful at night because they might not be as aware as they were at the start of their workday. This is why they should be extra careful.


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