How do I Know that a Slot Site Uses Fair RNG Slots?

The safety of the players should be a priority for every casino, whether land-based or online. Slots are the most common casino games. They are also purely a game of chance, which means you can beat the odds every time you spin the reels – check out the best pay by mobile slots.

However, when some players frequently lose a game, they become suspicious. Most gamers, especially those new to slots, think that the slots are manipulated to cheat them.

Can you know if a slot site uses Fair RNG slots? Find out more by reading this article.

RNG Explained

If you are keen to read through a casino’s webpage, you have probably come across the abbreviation RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, a computer algorithm that generates a stream of random numbers. The RNG ensures the total randomness of the reels each time they are spun.

Without the RNG, there is a potential for foul play, and the casino may be fraudulent, looking to scam players.

You must steer clear of one of the gambling fallacies that most rookie gamblers sometimes have. Some believe the RNG gets you closer to the jackpot with every spin. The RNG randomizes the reels after every spin, so you will be no closer to the jackpot after 500 spins than you were on your first.

How to Identify a Fair or Authentic RNG

Scams are not unheard of in online gambling, so it is wise to know if you can fully trust the Random Number Generator used by an online casino. This doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You look for suitable badges the casino uses for RNG software.

The RNG software is regularly checked by licensed and independent iGaming companies specialized in iGaming to ensure the fairness and randomness of the games.

Before you can bet in a particular casino, check if it has a reputable company badge. Check for badges from companies like eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation (ECOGRA), a testing agency that deals with gaming certification and analysing the fairness of games. Other companies to look out for include Technical Systems Testing (TST), iTech Labs, and Versign. Casinos with these badges promise a good gaming experience.

It also helps to check whether the site is licensed to operate in the UK. The UK Gambling Commission licenses all casinos operating within the UK.

How RNG Affects Return to Player Percentage

As mentioned earlier, RNGs are programmed to generate random numbers. Over 100,000 spins powered by RNG, when calculated, give the RTP percentage. Therefore, dividing the total value of all payouts by the total turnover will provide you with the theoretical RTP percentage.

Most online slots have an RTP rating of 95% and 98%. The average RTP is set at 96%. It is highly recommended that you play games with an RTP higher than 95%.

Random Number Generators are everywhere, not just in casinos, read more. Slot sites using RNG provide fair gambling opportunities. You can identify a slot site using fair RNG slots by checking badges from reputable testing and licensing agencies like ECOGRA and UKGC, respectively. 

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