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How do you know it’s time for bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA?

Bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA help you improve the appearance of your tub, removing the signs of wear accumulated in time & making it look like new. It’s a complex process, involving numerous steps, such as removing caulk, thoroughly cleaning the tub, repairing the damage, sanding the tub, applying masking tape, and applying a tub reglazing product. Since the steps must be followed exactly in the established order, only professionals can do it with no mistakes, for example, Home & Business Services – a family-owned local business, operating since 2013 in the Greater Fredericksburg Area.

However, in this article, we’ll talk about the more or less subtle signs that tell you it’s time for bathtub refinishing services Fredericksburg VA. In other words, how do you know if your tub is in a condition that requires you to call specialists? Well, the highly-trained experts at HBSOnTime.com identified not less than 5 signs which should put you on guard. If you notice any of the following, it’s clear that you must call them & give your bathtub a new life, in order to enjoy hot baths just like many months or even years ago:

  1. Chipped finishing. If you start noticing chips & dings on the surface of the tub, even if they’re minor, it’s a clear sign that you need bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA. They look unpleasant, both for you & your guests, and exposed cast iron or steel will favor the appearance of rust, which can destroy the tub in the long run, calling for changing it altogether (an action that is much more expensive);
  1. The tub has discolored. If your bathtub was once brilliant white and now it looks rather yellowish, it needs resurfacing. The explanation, besides the passage of time, is that the finish has worn off or dulled. In any case, having a pale-colored bathtub is almost depressing, and its rehabilitation will bring a new vibe to the whole bathroom;
  1. The tub isn’t shiny anymore. It’s logical that a new glaze has a beautiful & glossy shine. However, over time, it will dull, while also losing its protective properties. If you care about the appearance of your home, you’ll definitely realize when you need bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA: right now!

  1. It won’t clean like before. One of the most frustrating aspects of an aged bathtub is that it simply won’t clean like before, no matter how much effort you put into the process. Bleaching & scrubbing will seem to achieve their goal, but the tub will get dirty again very quickly. However, professionals have the perfect solution against hard water, chemicals, and other such agents;
  1. You start to discover leaks. Last but not least, discovering leaks is the ultimate sign that calls for bathtub refinishing services in Fredericksburg VA. A leaking tub is a threat to the foundation of your house itself, causing mold growth, among others. In conclusion, now you know what you have to do, when you have to do it, but especially who to turn to in this undesirable situation.

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