How much can you earn from affiliate marketing

Casino affiliate programs are a universal, profitable, and promising way to monetize traffic. This is explained by a wide target audience, which allows webmasters and arbitrators to easily and quickly attract new customers to the casino and receive a constant, high income for this. For example, on the site, you will find one of the most profitable affiliates that allows you to earn on any traffic. Partners can post promotional tools on social networks, thematic resources, blogs, YouTube, and use e-mail newsletters.

What models of cooperation are more profitable?

Earnings on casino affiliate programs depend not only on the ability to competently drive traffic on suitable resources but also on the choice of payment model. When working with casino affiliates, you can choose the following formats of cooperation:

  • Revenue Share – a variant of cooperation, when a gambling establishment deducts to a partner a percentage of the profit that his referral brought. If the attracted player loses $1,000, the net profit of the casino is $950, and the arbitrator can receive from 20 to 70% of this amount. Every time the referred user loses, the partner receives his payout. This will continue as long as the attracted player remains active on the casino site. Gambling players can play cazan for several years, providing an arbitrage specialist with a stable income. The RevShar payout model can have different calculation options and include different income items for the institution.
  • CPA – a one-time payment to an affiliate for replenishing a deposit by a referred client. They pay an affiliate from 50 to 150 dollars for the first deposit. For other replenishment of the account, payments are not charged. Since the casino pays the partner an amount more than the player’s first deposit, a serious assessment of traffic and KPI takes place here.
  • CPL – a one-time payment for the registration of an attracted user. The model is similar to CPA, but the payment is charged for the very first and simplest action. The payout here is also much lower and can be $6-9.
  • Hybrid – a model that combines several formats. For example, an arbitrator receives an amount for the first deposit or registration, as well as 20% under the RevShar program.

Which model will be the most profitable is chosen by the arbitrator himself, depending on the quantity and quality of his traffic, as well as on his financial capabilities.

How to choose the right model?

RevShare is the perfect option for free traffic. An arbitrator who attracts traffic on communities, streams, and channels can receive a stable income for several years, significantly exceeding payments for other models. For webmasters using purchased traffic, it is better to choose the CPA format. In teaser networks, on Facebook, google AdWords and with the help of push traffic, it will be possible to pay off in a maximum of six months. The turnover of money will be quite fast and regular if you constantly scale up and buy more traffic.

Casino affiliate programs are a universal and profitable way to make money by attracting traffic. If you use promotional tools correctly and attract traffic on the right sites, you can get a stable income without investments and without leaving your home.


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