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How to Add Some Charm to Your Small Vacation Home With These 5 Ideas

Holidays are a time for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company. But sometimes, that isn’t possible. For example, maybe you have to work the day away and then leave for the weekend. If you’re looking for a place to relax and de-stress, a small vacation home is a perfect option. But how do you make it look its best? In that case, these five ideas will help you make the most of your small vacation home without leaving your comfort zone.

Sliding Interior Doors

Sliding interior doors are the ultimate way to make your small vacation home look larger. These doors allow you to open the space up, creating a feeling of openness and making it feel more welcoming. They also give a sense of space which is very important when on a small vacation home. This can be achieved by using two or three sliding interior doors placed at different levels. For example, if your sliding door is at ground level, you can use another one that’s above it for increased height and then another one above that for even more height. Barn doors are also a great way to add lots of space to the interior of any small vacation home.

Natural Colors, Wood, and Accessories

Your small vacation home has to look great but it doesn’t have to be painted or decorated in hundreds of different shades. This is a simple way that attracts you and gives your home an air of cleanliness and simplicity. You can choose any color combination that suits you best and then use greys and dark blues as complementary color schemes with a new white cabinet and furniture made of natural timbers, such as pine or cedarwood. 

Find some good historic prints reproductions for mantelpieces where some empty space is available. Carpets are another essential element on your layout drawing-room floor, but generally found on the bedrooms leaving your main living area bare minimizes wall-space which can be maximized with tall curtains or large air conditioning units over windows if you have central heating. 

Simple modern touches such as artwork on the walls, a countryside feature, or a bookshelf, will set the stage for any well-selected interior decorations that you plan to do.

Clear Away the Obvious

When most people hear the word “vacation,” they think of white sandy beaches set against a deep azure blue sea. There are often plenty of places to spend the day by the beach and enjoy the warm sunny climate with unspoiled beauty. Or maybe you’re keener on indoor relaxation, so then it’s not so far wrong in thinking of a conservatory trade rendered patio, with perhaps bonsai plants bronzed by soft evening light. 

There is a wide choice to discover, based upon model and modern house designs, that can flood it with light and provide a shady rest when summer ends. Remember, most rooms will not be large enough for everyone to be cozy and relaxed in bed.

Comfortable Couch or Armchair

Perched high on a bookshelf or tucked behind your desk is the ideal location for a relaxing sofa or armchair. Letting it sag towards the ground can give you the classic, stylish sunken lounge style you desire and maintain aerodynamic efficiency. You can also add style by using lamps arranged above your sofa. Similarly, styling your armchair in combination with materials such as brown sofas, for example, can make it feel cozier.

Bedroom Chair/Bed

Choosing your mattress is an important consideration. Bed sheets will be the major recipient of wrinkles; everybody uses massive ones, whereas delicate fabrics don’t need much weight to keep them in shape while being enjoyed. 

Feel free to add feminine touches with floral pillowcases and decorative seat sides, but try to avoid glaring reflective accessories if you want to relax at night because these will easily result in glare issues.

The bed should be a comfortable place to rest. You want a mattress that will give you the good night’s sleep that you deserve. A great clutter-free closet to hold your clothes and a nice dresser are really practical options. Add a chair to give yourself a place to sit and relax.

A vacation home can turn into a home if designed correctly and set beautifully with timeless furniture. Home is more than a word to define; thus, you will want to take all the effort while planning and renovating your home because this is something that you will end up living in and loving.


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