How to Be a VIP at an Online Casino Betting Singapore?

All of the account users at an online casino have an equal opportunity to win a VIP perk but only a few are granted the actual perks. If you wish to become a receiver of VIP program rewards, read on to find out the methods that you can do.

What is online casino betting Singapore VIP programs?

VIP programs already exist in many forms of business so it is no different in the world of online gambling. While land-based casinos are offering perks to distinguished players such as free liquors or complementary meals, online casino betting Singapore sites have a different approach.

Perks available for VIPs are also called loyalty or rewards programs. If you have been playing for a long time or are always staking huge amounts, you are most likely eligible to avail of the benefits.

How do you become a VIP at an online casino betting Singapore casino?

There are two types of VIP programs—points-based and tier-based. A points-based VIP program allows players to collect points where they can exchange the accumulated points for cash or free spins. Meanwhile, tier-based programs allow players to move up into tiers based on their playing activity, and their rewards are depending on their current level.

Getting started is super easy, all you have to do is create an account at Solarbet. When you deposit on the site for the first time, you are already entitled to the first tier of the program which is the VIP bronze.

Your level in the program will elevate when you hit a certain milestone depending on the amount of stake that you place. You will automatically be upgraded to the next tier when you complete the qualifications for the next level.

You will be notified via email once you are eligible to avail of the next VIP level at online casino betting Singapore.

What are the online casino betting Singapore perks you can get?

Depending on the casino, the loyalty perks you could get vary. Some perks, you can easily get them right away, and will take effect once you are qualified for the reward. Meanwhile, other VIP programs could take a long process and rewards could be given at a later date.

Free spins are the most common perks in an online casino. Players can get multiple free spins that they can use in their slots gaming. With this perk, you will be given slot spins that don’t require a stake.

Cashbacks are another common reward in VIP programs. These perks allow you to collect points every time you lose. These points will accumulate and you can convert them into cash.

Other perks such as birthday and anniversary bonus allow players to get cash rewards when they reach a certain milestone. Depending on the online casino betting Singapore casino, some of these rewards could be physical gifts or free dinners at a restaurant.

These benefits will not just land on your lap, you have to complete all of the requirements associated with the loyalty program. The common requirements in VIP programs are wagering requirements, promo duration, and withdrawal limit.

Once you have completed all of these requirements, you are now qualified to avail the promo code in the VIP program. You may now be able to withdraw the bonuses that you have accumulated from your account.


The VIP programs in the casino are designed to inspire the bettors to reach a certain goal in their online casino gambling on the site. The loyalty rewards vary from site to site with a few of them have sublevels under their main tiers. Make sure that before you avail the VIP bonus in your site, you have checked the terms and conditions page.

Avail the VIP rewards that are being offered by the online casino betting Singapore and get pampered with profitable perks.


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