“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” 


We are a student for life keeps teaching us since we are born till we take our last breath. We learn to crawl, walk, talk, eat, during our very early years, and then slowly we follow the social constructs and learn everything about life as it comes. Our last years teach us how life could have been different with our different choices at the right time and we realize the importance of little things. This is a never-ending process. But here we are talking precisely about the years we spend in school and college. Those 22-25(more or less depending on choices of different people) we spend in those institutions impact our lives strongly as we spend almost 1/3rd of our precious life there. And people generally realize that they could have been more amazing students once they pass out from these institutions. So, if you are still a student at school or university, this article is for you. 


  • Early to bed and early to rise: You may have heard this phrase numerous times in your life but may not have been following it. But this is the key to being a rockstar. Waking up early will give you additional hours to focus on your mind, body, and tasks. You can plan your day, work out, or meditate to make your day better especially during these tough times of online teaching. And to wake up early, a person should sleep early. 
  • Plan what you study: Yes, you read it right! Did you know that there are right and wrong ways to study? Well of course different methods may suit different students but merely memorizing the study material provided by your teachers will not help you retain this knowledge in long run. But well-researched learning can help a student learn his/her topic in a way that they can recall it at any point in time. There are different resources like the internet websites and apps for teaching online that can help the students study a topic better. 
  • Your own study area: Would you be able to play football in a small room or badminton in your kitchen or sleep on a football ground? No, right? As each activity has an assigned and suitable space for its proper execution, similarly learning also needs a clean, organized, and distraction-free space. A well-organized study area may give you the motivation to study while reading on your bed may make you feel sleepy. This space need not be grand or expensive. It can be a mere setup of a chair table or a rug and some cushions totally depending on your comfort. 
  • Raise questions: ‘Confusion is the beginning of clarity. Doesn’t matter if your fellow mates understand a concept once the teacher explains it and it takes you time to get it. Imagine what if Newton did not question the fall of an apple, we would have been unaware of gravity even today. Raising questions, clearing doubts does not make you a fool or joke in the class instead it is a sign that you are trying to learn. 
  • Make a study plan: As students, there is no one subject to study about in fact there are many. It is easy to mug up everything one night before an exam and pass the exam but it won’t give you the knowledge of the subject. To reduce the load and pressure of consuming everything one night before the exam, students should divide their subjects and lessons into small portions while they still have time. This will help them retain everything better and perform great in their exams.
  • Pay attention in class: If you listen carefully to whatever your teacher teaches in the class, half your work is done. You will not be blank while you try to study that topic at home. Also, your teacher will have a good impression of you and hence there would be fewer chances of you getting scolded in the parent-teacher meeting, jokes apart, listening carefully will definitely help you in the longer run. 

These small habits can help you become a wonderful student and person in life. So, do not underestimate the power of little habits and work smart for achieving your goals. All the best!


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