How to Burn Incense?

Incense makes a place homey, welcoming or intriguing based on the particular scent’s individual features and properties. Incense not only helps with transforming the environment but also carries the ability to transform a person’s mental state.

This proves that incense carries multiple advantages and beneficial properties. That is the specific reason why incense has gained popularity and a particular status in today’s online interior design schemes. Decorating however is not the sole function of incense.

There are various kinds of incense and you can find a lot of options at incense ocean to burn and enjoy the stunning aromas. There are also various ways to burn various kinds of incense. Incense comes in sticks, coils, cones or powder forms. These are then used in stylish jars or other shapes like incense dragons, incense waterfall etc.

Different incense forms are burned in different ways. However, the good news is that these ways are not complicated and rather simple instead.

Stick Incense

Stick incense is probably the easiest and simplest of them all. The way to light or burn is pretty straightforward as well. Sticks are mostly made of bamboo and aromatic substances are attached to them usually on the top. These substances can either be dried up and ground plant materials or they would be prepared with the help of essential oils.

Put the stick in an incense holder and light the top head with the aromatic material on it using a match or a lighter. Then blow out the flame. The stick will start to smolder while having a little red ember at the top. It will send out aromatic smoke into the room and leave out ash behind.

Some sticks come without the stick core with just the aromatic material. They may need a different sized holder. Sticks usually burn from 50 to 90 minutes.

Coil Incense

Coil incense functions in the same way as stick incense except that it’s made in coil form. There are special burners to place them. Make sure it has a wide enough bowl and some even have a hook in the centre that attaches to the coil so that it’s held above the bowl. This way there’s more oxygen supply available to the coil.

Light the outer edge of the coil and blow out the flame. Let it smolder right to the centre while leaving ash behind.  Coil can burn for several hours depending on the size.

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Cone Incense


The incense cones at incense ocean are made with top-notch combustible material and mixture of essential oils. Cone incense will need a heatproof burner because they emit more heat. Put the cone in the burner with the tip up and light the tip. Blow out the flame and let it smolder to the base. Cones usually burn for around 3p minutes.

Powder Incense

Powder incense is aromatic substances ground into powder shape. It is burned over a piece of charcoal called charcoal disk. Charcoal can get really hot so care and a heatproof container is essential. Don’t hold the charcoal in hand while lighting, use pliers instead. Light the charcoal disk from the side and place it inside the container. Now sprinkle the incense powder over it and enjoy the aroma.

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