How to Buy the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate your relationship with your partner, and show your appreciation for all that they do for you. While you should appreciate them all the time, Valentine’s Day is an extra special day to do so.

While there are countless different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and share your love, it is customary in many cases to get a gift for your loved one. Plenty of gifts can be given, but one of the best and most meaningful are some gorgeous flowers. In an effort to help ensure you get it right, this blog post is going to serve as a guide to help you buy the best Valentine’s Day flowers possible.

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Decide How You Want to Buy

Whether you decide to utilize Valentine’s Day flowers delivery or go down to the local florist, the first step in buying flowers on Valentine’s Day is choosing how to buy. While the local florist may get you your flowers quicker, their flowers aren’t always the highest of quality, whereas online florists often pride themselves on quality.

Also, be sure to compare the prices at different places to ensure you are getting a fair deal. The last thing you want is to buy from one place, only to see the same flowers of the same quality for half of that amount. If you opt to buy online, also think about the shipping time, as it would be unfortunate if the flowers didn’t arrive until February 15th.

In a similar vein, it is important to plan ahead when buying Valentine’s Day flowers, too. This is an incredibly busy time in the floral industry, and if you wait until the last minute, you will be in trouble. Not only will the flowers you want possibly be sold out, but you may struggle to find any flowers at all.

Of course, keep these tips for sending Valentine’s Day flowers in mind if you are unable to give them to your loved one in person for one reason or another. Just because you can’t hand your loved one the flowers doesn’t mean they can’t still be a special gift.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Once you know how and when you are going to buy your flowers, you need to be sure to choose the right flowers. There are a ton of different options out there, especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day. No matter what color or size of flower your partner loves, there are plenty of options to choose from, many of which are affordable and easy to find.

You can choose based on things like size, colors, style and look, but it also couldn’t hurt to learn some of the flower meanings, too. For example, a red rose is a passionate and romantic flower that represents intense love, while a yellow rose signifies friendship. Find a flower that symbolizes what you feel towards your loved one on Valentine’s Day. In some cases, don’t be shy to mix a few flowers in a bouquet or arrangement.

Remember, flowers are also one of the most popular ways to decorate your living room or any other room of a home. So make sure the flowers you get will look good and fit in their space, and work well with the existing decor and/or furniture. While they don’t need to match perfectly, they also shouldn’t clash with the space.

In addition to how a flower looks, you also need to consider the scent. Many flowers have a pleasant scent that is pleasing, but everyone has their favorite, so ensure you don’t get someone a flower with a scent they cannot stand. Some are more mild, while others will dominate a room, so choose wisely and based on what your partner will love.

Also, you need to know or find out if your recipient has any allergies. While most flowers are fine, there are some out there that are bad for people with allergies. If you don’t think about this, your thoughtful gift might end up doing more harm than good.

Ensure the Flowers are Healthy and High-Quality

Of course, you also want to make sure that the flowers you are buying for your loved one are healthy and high-quality. If the flowers you buy die after a day or two, that isn’t much of a gift. Many fresh flowers can last up to two weeks if cared for correctly and transported safely.

If you buy online, make sure you buy from an online florist or retailer that is well-known for their quality. They should have good reviews and good press surrounding them to give you confidence that their flowers are worth it.

If you are buying in person, there are a few ways to tell if a flower is healthy and fresh. First of all, the petals should be rich in color, firm, and shouldn’t be wilting or be discolored. The stems should be green and sturdy, and the leaves on the stems should look fresh and not be browning.

You may also want to go with flowers that have buds that are only just starting to open, as opposed to the ones that are already open.

Once the flowers arrive and you get them, be sure to cut the stem and instantly put them in some water. This helps keep them healthy and looking great. Also, consider mixing in some flower food to ensure they are nourished and have the best chance of living long. If they get delivered right to your recipient, it is up to them to take care of them and ensure they stay alive and in good shape for as long as possible.

In conclusion, if you follow this guide, you will be sure to get the right flowers for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. By putting in the effort to find the best flowers possible, you can make this day even more special for your loved one.


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