How to Carry a Backpack and Look Stylish?

Growing up, it is likely that you carried a backpack at some point in your life. Most often, the backpack is used by elementary school students. Backpacks are often carried to school with snacks and other items in them.

However, some adults have dropped the idea of carrying a backpack because they feel it’s childish. Interestingly, with the new backpack designs, carrying backpacks has become another fashion trend.

Nevertheless, if you want to look stylish carrying a backpack, you can do so with the following tips below:

Hang the Backpack on one Hand

It is always stylish when you hang the backpack on one hand while working. Although it would dangle from behind, it gives you that casual look. This may be preferable if you are going for a casual meeting or appointment. Also, it reduces the tension if you are chatting with a person for the first time.

Carrying Backpack Like a Baby

You can carry the backpack like your baby too. Instead of hanging the backpack on your back, you can hang the backpack as if you are carrying a baby. Aside from looking stylish, hanging the backpack on your chest is safer. That way, nobody can unzip your bag and take an item from your bag. This pattern is very useful if you are walking in a very busy place. However, carrying a backpack like a baby seems to fit the ladies more.


Carrying a backpack on streetwear is stylish and makes you look outstanding. What’s more, to bring out the “street” in you, a backpack will compliment your look. Like you know streetwear and a backpack are like siamese twins. When next you are going for a party, hang your backpack on your streetwear.

Hold the Backpack While walking

To loosen the stress on your shoulder and back, you can also opt to hold the backpack while you walk. You would also appear casual and serious at the same time.

The Best Backpack Materials

  • Looking to buy a backpack that would last long. Always go for backpacks that are made from cotton. As you may know, cotton is a durable material and lasts long. Besides, cotton backpacks barely lose their look even when they are old.
  • Also, leather backpacks are good too. A leather backpack is very useful during the rainy seasons too. Leather doesn’t absolve water, instead it repels it. A backpack made from polyester is also good during the rainy season because it resists water. However, it seems less admirable. Leather and cotton backpack are preferable and more ideal.

Wrapping Up

The design of your backpack will also determine how stylish you would appear. Don’t forget to consider the color of the backpack too. Most people opt for black backpacks because they fit in with any outfit.

If your outfit color is dull, maybe you need a colorful backpack to spice it up. Backpacks are not just used as fashion, you can store your items in them too. You can shop unique Japanese style backpacks and shop Japanese knot bags online.


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