How to Choose a Perfect Dressing Table?

The vanity, or the commonly termed dressing table, was previously considered a luxury item in the bedrooms of the wealthy. Still, it is now the main furniture piece in bedrooms worldwide.

Picking the right dressing table is simple with these five helpful hints – and it doesn’t have to break the bank to achieve the desired appeal and style. To achieve the desired effect, coordinate your rustic bedroom design with the right furniture and a perfect dressing table. Check out furniture rental companies for dressing tables on rent.

1. Features

While selecting the ideal piece, you should consider what you would require from the chosen dressing table. For several items, it’s good to opt for a piece with a lot of display space or drawers to keep all your belongings safe in one place.

2. Size

Choosing the perfect dressing table is also a lot about choosing the right size as it is about picking the one with the perfect style and features. If you prefer something too large, it will crowd the available space. On the contrary, its presence in the boudoir will not affect the ones too small.

A wood dressing table is perfect for those looking for a rustic feel or a farmhouse look in their bedroom while also fitting into a small space. It has the ideal dimensions, with a slimline depth of around 45cm.

3. Selecting the Correct Area Within the Bedroom

If you wish, your dressing table provides everything you require, including being in an accessible location with ample natural light. If your reclaimed wooden bed takes up most of your bedroom space, your dressing table may need to be squeezed into a smaller space.

If the light is scarce, ambient lighting is required. In addition to chic lighting, you can also pick a not-too-bright or an overly-dramatic table lamp that is ideal for adding a glow when you need it the most.

4. Style

Many styles can create a stylish, calming, and warm bedroom, ranging from modern to contemporary, minimalistic to rustic. Essentially, you want your chosen dressing table to compliment your chosen style rather than detract from it.

5. Material

Finally, selecting the perfect dressing table for your bedroom also concerns its material. Generally, in the past, dressing tables were made of wood and then tinted, stained, or polished to give them a finished look. Scandinavian furniture pieces for a bedroom, often made from reclaimed wood, have a lot of character. Instead, you can also let the natural beauty of the wood speak for itself, as with a Scandinavian-styled stylish yet vintage oak dressing table.

6. Key Accessories

We’ve already discussed the significance of light, but there are a few other essentials.

A stool or chair that is both comfortable and fashionable is a necessary component of modern furniture. Pick an upholstered chair that matches the dressing table and fits the bedroom’s colour scheme. In addition, there is reclaimed wood shelving available for storing any extra items that don’t fit on the table.

Finally, pick a wall mirror that looks great in your room. Add a touch of Art Deco, maintain the minimalist Scandinavian style, or opt for a reclaimed wood mirror for warmth and rustic charm.


Vanity dressing tables are a great addition to an existing bedroom set. They can be a focal point for a genuinely unique approach to decorating an area, with great looks, functional storage space, and many styles and materials. Elevate your study by adding a well-designed bookshelf, and you can also consider getting a bookshelf on rent.


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