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How To Choose Perfect Insta DP For Your Profile

Social media has become a big game for everyone today. We tend to put up our entire lives there. Imagine putting up a story with not so interesting title, isn’t that a disaster. Profile picture serves as a title or introduction to your page hence having your best game on becomes kind of vital. Your profile picture is what anyone would see first when coming across your profile especially if you have a private account. How are people supposed to recognize you when you do not have an appropriate profile picture?

To make a great first impression, you need to have a perfect profile picture put up there in which Insta zoom will help you. This tool is the best and easiest way to upgrade your Instagram profile pictures and break through the social media limitations. Here are certain tips to help you choose the perfect Insta DP for your profile:

Focus on your face

Instagram displays your profile picture in a small circular thumbnail, which has its own pros and cons. While Instagram surely offers privacy and security by not allowing anyone to zoom into your profile picture it also sets a drawback as now you have a limited space to put something that is easy to recognize. Having a profile picture that encompasses your entire stature is not a great idea at all as you look really tiny with nothing clear. Instead keeping the area of your profile picture focused just on your face would provide people a clear image of who you are.

Background check

Background also plays a vital role when it comes to profile pictures. Having too much color in the background as well as on you sort of moves the attention from the prime object that is you. Having a dull background would also not work as it becomes kind of boring. But drawing contrast and balance amidst both is what would help. Try a simple background with brighter colors over you that enhance your face. Another strategy is to blur out the background to draw focus onto your face.

Make sure its visible

While clicking profile pictures we tend to ignore a very important factor which is light. Either the light is too sharp creating over-exposed pictures or then too dull which hides your face. Using a soft, natural light while maintaining balance is the key. Bright light usually tends to highlight any sort of crease or wrinkles on your face providing too much detail, hence are required to be avoided. Using soft light from a lamp or sunset is the best.

Play with filters

There are beautiful filters to experiment with. These filters provide you with a perfect balance of light and contrast over your chosen picture. Using a good filter helps make your picture look better. Also using trendy filters in unique ways draws user attention to your website. filters tend to smooth out the sharp impact areas of your picture providing a smooth finish.

Consider a prop

Your profile picture says a lot about you and your profession. Adding in a prop that introduces your profession helps people connect to your business and you. You should keep this in mind especially when running a business online. keep your face in the picture and then a prop in hand or in the background to introduce both you and your profession to the people viewing your profile picture.


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