How To Choose The Best Electric Bicycles?

Electric bicycles are fast, simple, comfortable, and do not pollute. For this reason, today we are going to guide you through the process of buying your new urban companion at

Not only for all those who need a means of transport for their daily trips, but also for all those people who love sports. Electric bikes are a big draw because they combine comfort and exercise, allowing you to easily and quickly get to places, especially in the city. 

Do not buy one without first reviewing the regulations on electric bicycles. It is recommended to read ebike reviews before buying an electric bicycle. All that glitters is not gold. There is no doubt that using a bicycle has hundreds of advantages over walking, but there are certain limitations that make using a bicycle not always as easy as it may seem at first. 

What you have to take into account to buy electric bicycles

As always, a series of preliminary questions before buying one:

Autonomy is essential when we talk about electric bicycles. The usual thing is that they have a 10,000 mAh battery. From that figure, the more, the better. Although as you can imagine, several factors are involved, such as the weight of the driver, efficiency, or the type of slope. In practical numbers, that autonomy comes to offer between 30 and 50 km approximately. 

The location of the electric motor: It is normal to find the electric motor of the bicycle in two different locations, and that depends on each manufacturer:

Axis: The most common. It is embedded in the frame of the bicycle. 

Rear wheel: They are less efficient and more complex, but they still exist. It requires the cyclist’s effort to start moving the bicycle and, depending on the movement, activate the motor.

Removable batteries: Depending on the type of battery, we find batteries that can be removed from the frame and others that cannot. Naturally, the removable ones are much more comfortable, since they do not weigh too much and it is possible to take them up to your house to load them. 

Take a look at the design of each bike. Not because of its aesthetic section, but because of your needs. The design will determine your comfort when you get on it. Buying an electric bicycle to go out on mountain routes is not the same as buying one for the city. 

Mountain bikes: They are the typical MTB, but with electric motors.

Cruiser: They do not give off that classic touch of Dutch bicycles. They are somewhat more uncomfortable as they are too large, and heavy as they are made of aluminium.

Foldable: They are the most versatile, and ideal for use in the city. They will allow you to store them easily and quickly in any cupboard on your floor, or at work.

If you live in a city: It is not that it is something mandatory, but as we have mentioned before, if you live in a big city, you will appreciate having enough space to store it at home. They usually occupy half a meter once folded, so they can be easily stored in a closet or under a piece of furniture.

Don’t neglect safety 

Electric bikes are expensive and require some maintenance. This involves the brakes of this, a relatively loose and fast change, and good wheels…

In the end, quality ends up paying, at least in the case of bicycles. Autonomy, size, whether it is removable or not all these things come into play… How much electric bike? The price range varies from 700 dollars onwards, and up to 5,000, which can cost a very high range.

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