How to Choose the Right Linen Service

Linen services sell, manufacture, and rent different linen products. Hotels use linens to maintain cleanliness while linen retailers buy stock to sell at a profit. Choosing the right hotel linens wholesale is the first step toward succeeding in those two aforementioned industries. Learn how to identify a reliable, competent, and experienced linen service:

Benefits of Buying Hotel Linens Wholesale 

Research by Data Intelo shows that the global hotel linen market will experience a 5.5%  annual growth rate over the next eight years to 2030. The growth indicates more businesses, including hotels and linen retailers will need to their products from linen wholesales. Buying linens from a wholesaler has many advantages over sourcing from different retailers. The benefits of buying from hotel linen wholesalers can include:

Time Savings

Time plays a significant role in wealth creation for small-scale businesses and large companies. Sourcing your linens from a hotel linen wholesaler involves buying many products at once, or bulk purchases. Time you would have spent identifying different suppliers can be dedicated to other matters.

Cost Savings 

Hotel linens wholesales offer great discounts when you buy in bulk. Buyers don’t have to be physically present at the wholesale shop when buying in bulk. You can identify the desired products online, and enquire if they can be delivered to you at no cost. 

High-end Services 

Offering quality products and services is one way of attracting and retaining clients. Hotel linen wholesalers must then offer high-end services to remain competitive.

Reliable Source of Products 

Hotel linen resellers and hotel chains need a constant supply of linen to keep up with clients’ demands. Linen services not only sell but also manufacture linen. 

Types of Linen  

Hotel linen wholesalers rent, sell, and manufacture different products, including the following:

Irregular Linen

Linens are graded according to quality. The word “irregular” means that the linen is not perfect or of grade A quality but is still useful for many applications. These make a great choice for cleaning cloths.


Old-fashioned mops made of cotton are bulky, unlike modern mops made of microfiber. Smart textiles leverage high intelligence levels to enhance quality. Microfiber is finer than human hair and more absorbent. Microfiber mops capture more dirt, bacteria, and chemicals when cleaning. 

Best Rags

Quality rags are ideal for large and small jobs. The best rags are durable and can be used for most of your daily cleaning tasks. Some common useful rags include:

  • Blue absorbent huck towels
  • Messy mechanic cotton shop towels
  • Drop cloths
  • Terry towels

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Linen Service 

Customer Service

Research shows that 42% of customers can pay more when offered great services. The same study revealed that 72% of satisfied customers are likely to share their experience with other prospective clients. Businesses should identify linen services that offer quality customer experience, including after-sales support, incentives, and more. 


Businesses adopt cost-cutting strategies to maximize profits. One way of cutting costs for your business is opting for a cost-friendly linen service. Identify several reputable linen services and compare their costs, considering other factors like reliability, quality of service, and more. Hire the top-ranking linen service among your shortlisted candidates after reviewing their strengths and weaknesses.


A good linen service should have different options for reaching out to clients. Modern linen services use customized apps to perform different business activities, such as reaching out to clients, marketing, and management. 

Available Solutions 

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to linen. Identify a linen service offering extensive and budget-friendly packages for your linen needs. Professional hotel linen wholesalers offer solutions for both linen resellers and hotel chains.

Expertise and Capacity

Linen rental and laundry can be handled by professional linen services that can deliver quality results. Consider the following factors when identifying an expert and capable linen service:

  • Online reviews from former clients
  • Work experience
  • Skill sets
  • Availability of machinery and manpower

Finding a Reliable Linen Service 

Identifying a dependable place to buy hotel linens wholesale isn’t easy, but it’s possible. An online search or reading several reviews may not be enough when looking for a reliable linen service. Identify your needs and work towards finding a linen service that can meet your demands. A reliable hotel linen wholesaler should be reputable and easy to work with.

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