How to choose the right roller skates?

Which roller skates are right for you

Roller skates are one of the fastest and most maneuverable ways to get around town. The choice of model depends on the style of skating: whether you will only occasionally skate in the nearby park and on the promenade, or you are more attracted to tricks, or want speed?

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For Beginners

If you are a complete beginner, it is worth opting for fitness models. These rollers are available with a soft shoe, they are necessarily equipped with a conventional brake, which in the future, with the improvement of skills, you can remove. The frame is elongated, which reduces maneuverability, but increases stability – this is especially important for those who are just starting to skate. In addition, these rollers, as a rule, lower in price compared to other models.

Beginners should notneglect protection. Otherwise, the first meeting with the asphalt can permanently discourage (in all senses) the desire to improve further. Even if you do not plan to skate a lot and for a long time, it is better to buy fitness skates in specialized stores, rather than in the nearest supermarket, such as skates online store.

For experienced skaters

Roller skaters who are tired of walking in the usual parks and want to go out of town should take a closer look at the freeskate models. Those who already skate confidently and know how to stop without the help of an ordinary brake (stopping with the help of poles and fences does not count) will cope with such rollerskates.

There are models designed for stunts and interesting slides. Visually, they differ from fitness rollers by the very close position of the wheels, the lack of a brake and the short frame. The best on the market are inline skates made in the USA.

If you are more interested in skating around town rather than doing tricks, get freeskate skates with a removable inner boot liner. These models will be softer for your feet and allow you to ventilate the inner shoe between rides.

For tricks

If it’s hard to figure out if you like tricks on your own, skate on a rollerdrome with an instructor or find like-minded people on social networks.
For sliding and skating around cones all the same freeskate rollers. But in this case, the choice should fall on rigid shoes with a non-removable inner part, which will allow a better feel of the skates. The best manufacturer – Seba, it is easy to find in online stores roller skates.
Aggressive skating involves honing tricks in the skate park, the use of railing and sloping surfaces, so the frame has a special notch.
In these rollers you can skate around town, for this they are maneuverable enough, but it will not be very comfortable because of the rather rigid shoe.


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