How to choose your dream house?

Today, the number of those wishing to move to suburban cottages has increased markedly. There are reasons for this – at a minimum, one wants to escape from the noise and bad ecology of megacities. But not everyone is prepared to spend time and effort on building a house – it’s much easier to buy an already-built cottage.

It is not easy to find your bearings in the huge suburban real estate market and not to be deceived by unscrupulous sellers. The best option is to have a look at the house with a specialist, or you can trust a reliable real estate service, such as Here you will find not only luxury homes, but apartments at pleasant prices.

To figure out which house is closer to your heart, you need to fill your head with pictures of houses, or really go and see in different places what houses people have. And being on such a search, sooner or later you will find the house that makes your soul glow.

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Choose real estate in the spring or fall

About what time of year it’s best to choose a house, the opinions of experts in sales of suburban real estate are divided. Some advise to inspect in summer to immediately assess all the charms of the surrounding scenery. Some are inclined to choose a property in the winter, citing the fact that in the snowy season you can see how the roads are cleaned, the snow is removed and the nearby stores work.

But in the experience of most home buyers and sellers, the best time to choose a property is spring or fall. It’s when you can appreciate not only the beauty of the natural surroundings, but also how devastating the effects of heavy precipitation or melting snow can be on a home. Water can flood the basement to a height of a few centimeters to a meter or more, which affects the longevity of the structure. Buildings built on overwatered soil are less stable and often cracked, collapsing faster. During snow melt, you can check to see if the roof of the house is leaking and if the drainage system on the site is in working order.

Check the reliability of the window structures

If you decide to purchase a prefabricated home, after making sure that the house is securely insulated, you should pay attention to the windows. The vast majority of cottages for sale have modern plastic translucent structures. But cottages in new buildings are likely to be equipped with the most budget designs. And on the secondary market no one is immune from low-quality windows – in order to increase the value of the house sellers could change the old PVC windows right before the sale.

They often save not only on the windows themselves, but also on their installation: instead of sixteen mounting points the window is fixed at only six. As a result, the window frame bends “sideways”, there are drafts, problems with fittings, difficulties with opening and closing the window. The last of these disadvantages can be detected by opening a few times the sash. And the presence of a draft – with a lighter flame or match.

Even if the visible defects are not detected, remember: inexpensive double-glazed windows do not have high energy-saving properties. A good window, as well as a quality insulation system, helps to reduce heat loss in the room, and thus reduce heating costs. The ideal is a profile with an assembly width of up to 70 mm, glass units complete with quality seals and fittings. Profile material can be any: wood, aluminum, composite – each of them has its own advantages.


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