How To Come Up With Great Content Ideas For Your Business’s Blog

Do you have a blog on your website but it’s all but empty at the moment? Are you racking your brains for subject ideas but keep coming up short? Would you like to write meaningful content that not only resonates with your audience, but positively impacts your SEO? If so, stick around for some handy tips on coming up with great content ideas…

Get to know your audience

It might sound rather self-explanatory, but the first step to creating awesome content is to fully understand who it is that you are actually writing for.

You’d be surprised by how little most marketers actually know about their target audience!

So, put the time in and really get into their psyche. What makes them tick? What are their biggest pain points? How can you adjust your brand voice to resonate with them on a genuine and meaningful level?

Study your competitors

Just as you should know your audience, having a good idea as to who and what you’re up against certainly can’t hurt.

Not only is this a great opportunity to identify what your competitors are writing about, you can also look for gaps and highlight what they aren’t writing about.

Of course, if you are thinking about covering similar topics, make sure you do it better! Don’t regurgitate what a competitor has written – create a fresh perspective with even greater depth.

Carry out extensive keyword research

In case you haven’t noticed yet, one of the most important aspects of writing great content is the amount of time and effort you put into your research. As such, once you’ve gotten to know your audience and competitors a little better, next you should conduct proper keyword research.

This will give you an opportunity to look at the various ‘frequently asked questions’ your audience are typing into Google and then begin building a content strategy around that. If you can create an in-depth blog post that clearly addresses every subject your audience is interested in, you’ll be surprised by how much value it can bring to your business.

Ask AI

It’s a little controversial, but many marketers are leveraging the power of AI to help them come up with ideas for their blog posts. If you have certain keywords you’d like to target, you can input them into some AI software (coupled with some different writing prompts), and then you’ll be presented with a few different suggestions to work on.

Ask your audience

Assuming that you are already active on social media, why not engage with your audience and ask them for some ideas? You could ask them:

  • What are your biggest fears?
  • What annoys you most about this industry?
  • Or simply: What kind of content do you most like to read online?

You might have some luck, you might not. In any case, it’s a good opportunity to interact with your social media followers.

Hire the professionals

It might not sound like the cheapest option, however, it’s certainly the most effective. If you are struggling to think of ideas, just wait until you sit down to start writing and optimizing the posts.

If it’s not your area of expertise, find a Dallas SEO agency who has expert writers on board and let them work their magic for your blog instead.

Final thoughts: Do your research

Ultimately, if you are struggling for ideas, the above tips should help you conjure dozens and dozens of excellent blog subjects. And while keyword research and writing for SEO is certainly important, don’t be afraid to have some fun with your blog as well. Not every single post has to be written solely for the purpose of increasing traffic. Write for enjoyment; so long as the content is genuinely helpful and engaging, your audience will love it!

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