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How To Download Instagram Stories on Mobile or Desktop

Instagram has great content from all over the world. You can get a peek into anyone’s life instantly. Know new global trends, latest gossip, news, hobbies and much more just on this one app. You can even enjoy a whole world of memes on Instagram. The collaboration of all these things can be found on Instagram stories. Stories on Instagram are composed of photos and videos of daily moments. Stories give an exact insight into any person’s day. You can know what your friend is doing right now through these stories. People upload the best of their pictures in stories. But there is a limit to the time that the story is visible to you. What happens post that, it disappears. You cannot view any Instagram story post 24 hours of its upload. But this seems a story of ages now, difficult to confer. You might be thinking it is not possible to download Instagram stories, but you can through Instagram story downloader.

What is an Instagram story downloader?

Instagram story downloaders are third-party apps that help you download and view videos offline from your gallery. These apps support download of stories from any account easily without following them.  Instagram story downloading apps is a service dedicated to help people download Instagram stories, watch them and even reuse them. One such app is Storiesig.

Storiesig is an easy to use third party application that helps users download Instagram stories directly into their galleries. Storiesig uses AI and API powered technology to drive stories of various accounts and ease out the download process. You need not login or provide any information for downloading stories. Storiesig is free of cost and is easily available on almost every platform and device. Get hands on that favourite story that you liked while scrolling easily without having to ask from the person.

How to download and use Storiesig to download IG stories?

Step 1: Download Storiesig from play store or App Store for your android or iOS or access the software on Storiesig website.

Step 2: Install the app and launch the Storiesig app on your device. Storiesig works on phones, tablets, PCs or laptops.

Step 3: Navigate to Instagram story downloader and enter the username of the person whose Instagram story you want to download in the field provided. In order to get an accurate person’s story, copy their username from Instagram or choose the account from the list provided by Storiesig based on the username you entered.

Step 4: click ‘ok’. Storiesig displays to you all the stories posted by that user for those 24 hours.

Step 5: Click on the story to view it anonymously, this helps you view any person’s story anonymously without being listed on the viewers list in Instagram. Click on the download button over the story to download it directly into your gallery. 


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