How to end the fear of mathematics in class 12th?

If you are scared of the subject of mathematics, then this article is definitely for you. Usually, many students in class 10th are interested in the subject of mathematics. But at the same point of time, it is important to mention that this level of difficulty is not maintained up to class twelfth. There have been many instances of the children who joined mathematics in class eleventh and twelfth but end up hating that subject.

Helping out the students with the best

In such a situation it is extremely important for the students to get over this feeling in the minimum amount of time. Even if it is a case of a non-medical student or a Commerce student who has adopted mathematics as an optional subject, this fear has to be overcome. In such a situation it is extremely important for the students to understand the concept of utility. They cannot pass the examination and even competitive examinations without clearing mathematics.

That is why in such a situation it is extremely important for every student to take help from the NCERT class 12 solutions book. It is a comprehensive book to end every kind of confusion related to mathematics. It has a huge amount of capability to bring out the best in the students. The important advantages every student is able to get with the help of this subject has been given in the following way.

Helps to provide a solution to every problem

Most of the students do not like the subject of mathematics for the simple reason that the answers never match the answer key given in the book. Class 12 ncert solutions is an effective solution to end this problem.

Unlike the schools and coaching centres in which the entire problem is explained in a very haphazard manner, this book makes an attempt to do something different. It is able to explain every step with logical explanation in the book. With the help of this particular explanation the student is able to understand the stepwise solution to a problem. This not only reduces the chances of committing a mistake but also prevents the deduction of marks by missing every step.

If a student solves the problem with the help of proper steps, then there is a very little possibility that the answer will not match. It is an effective solution for the students who want to prepare for competitive examinations. Testimonials of the students online have been able to show that this problem has been overcome with the help of a solution book.

Helps to provide practice questions

After explaining The detailed solutions of all the questions given in the NCERT mathematics book, this book seeks to improve the students even further.

On the same lines of the questions which have been already explained in the solution it provides additional details of the question. The student applying the same knowledge is able to answer the questions. Whenever the answer of the student matches then he becomes the happiest. It is able to boost his confidence to the biggest extent.

In such a situation NCERT solution book has been able to offer unlimited practice questions to the students. They can enhance the accuracy and even the time management. Practicing so many questions of the same kind with different levels of difficulties helps to get a huge exposure to the type of questions which can come in the examination. It also explains the concept of the question to the student in an extremely easy way.

Helps to get hints in solving

You might have observed in the NCERT solution book that every question provides you a hint to solve it. This is an important component for every beginner who gets confused after looking at so many questions of the same kind. It is important to mention that this hint and clue is very essential for bringing the best in the students.

It has been able to bring a huge amount of importance to the students. Understanding the clue of the question the student can easily go ahead with this problem-solving mechanism. It will also help in memorising the important clues that he should take in consideration during the actual examination.

It also provides an exposure to sample papers and question papers for time management. It is considered to be an effective solution in almost every form and manner. That is why every student of mathematics should definitely take reference from this important book in order to overcome the fear of mathematics.


It has to be ultimately concluded that this is the best way in which the problem solving could be boosted. It is considered to be an essential methodology with the help of which the students can get the best out of them self. If still you think that you lack the confidence, then it is a good idea to be a part of Infinity Learn and enjoy learning the difficult concepts in an easy manner.


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