How to Get AME Admission in Top Institutes?

Any individual who is interested in a profession in the aviation industry should strongly consider becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME). An AME fixes several different kinds of equipment on the aircraft with regard to its safety, security, and maintenance responsibilities. Their duties include diagnosis, troubleshooting, and repair.

What are the criteria to get selected for an AME course admission at an institution?

  • Applicants who are appearing for or have qualified for the 10+2 exam with PCM from an authorized board.
  • three-year engineering degree from an accredited university or board with AICTE approval
  • Anyone qualified for a B.Tech in any stream may also pursue an AME course.
  • At the time of admission, candidates’ ages range from 16 to 28.
  • The candidate cannot be physically disabled or suffer from colour blindness.
  • A minimum of 45% in PCM or an equivalent subject is required for the candidate.

What are the skills required for AME admission?

  • Exceptional manual dexterity and focus.
  • Strong working knowledge of computers, diagnostic tools, and aviation power tools.
  • Willingness to put in lengthy hours.
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication abilities.

What is the job role of an AME?

  • Engine disassembly, examination, testing, maintenance, and reassembling.
  • Putting in circuits for electricity.
  • Testing electrical devices and systems, aircraft, and communication equipment.
  • Components of the oxygen system are examined and replaced.
  • Aeroplane framework construction
  • Performing regular mechanical and engine pre-flight inspections.
  • Maintaining thorough records of all maintenance tasks.
  • Maintaining the infrastructure and machinery of the business.
  • Ordering components and materials as needed.
  • Maintaining all safety and security measures as well as FAA rules.

AME Institutes for Admission

There are limited institutions in India that offer a course for an aircraft maintenance engineer, or AME. Some of the best institutions in India for AME admission are:

  • Alpine Institutes of Aeronautics
  • Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • VSM AME Institutes

And so on.

How do I select the best AME institute for admission?

When you start researching the field further, you might tend to get confused as the options are vast. To select the best institution for admission, one needs to keep in mind the goals they have. You need to do research on the top institutions that suit you the best, since many colleges offer similar things, but what is most comfortable to you is the one you should go for. To select the top institution, keep in mind the faculty that will be teaching you, the eligibility criteria that each college must have, the number of students that have passed out of the institution, the infrastructure, the fees, etc.

Conclusion: There are various choices to choose from, as every college is best in its own way. The best option for one candidate may differ from another candidate; thus, one needs to keep in mind their needs and choose a college accordingly.

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