How to Get Started with 123Movies, Is it Legal?

123Movies was a source of online movies and TV-Series to download and stream for free. It was banned in 2018 by the Vietnamese Government for unlawful possession of copyrighted materials. But in 2021, the website is still up and alive via the mirror links of cloned websites.

123Movies is a website that gives users a premium experience with features like filter and sorting. It doesn’t store any data in its servers and stream through third-party origins. Before its shutdown in 2018, it was the most popular illegal website ever existed with 96 million users worldwide.

Is 123Movies legal?

– The rise of streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu has severely affected illegal streaming services, like 123Movies. Despite the dent in their revenue, many users of the original 123Movies are still active and use various methods to access their beloved website.

– But, in many countries, 123Movies is permanently banned and can’t be accessed without the reinforcement of illegal methods. But whenever an illegal service detains, either mirror servers or competitors rise from below to fill the void.

– The best way to access 123Movies is by using VPN services to mask yourself from authorities which we do not endorse or encourage.

– If you want to know if a website is legal or not, check out their copyright section, in the case of 123Movies, their copyright section never exposes their IP Address or physical location, because they want to hide it from the authorities.

– The legal (paid) streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu hosts the contents on their huge on-premises servers, but 123Movies doesn’t have a server to host this much information, they rely on third-party vendors – usually illegal ones – to host their content.

– 123Movies is not legal in any way, even if the mirror links are still accessible. You could be fined several hundred or thousands of dollars if got caught in the USA.

– In the copyright section of 123Movies, the disclaimer states that they do not host any copyrighted or illegal content on their website. This is partially true, as they don’t host the contents personally. But that’s just to fool the authorities and to encourage you to use their services without you knowing the full story. Don’t fall for it.

– The issue is not only legality, it’s the safety of personal information. Most of the mirror links of 123Movies are packed with malware, which can be installed on your system without your consent or knowledge. The installation gives the attackers the opportunity to exploit your privacy by stealing sensitive information, blackmailing you for ransom, and executing criminal activities masked as you.

So, the most popular streaming service of 2018 is neither legal nor safe. Now it’s up to you to consider what’s best for yourself. If you want to access 123Movies, there are several mirror links available with a simple google search, but don’t forget to use VPNs and antivirus software to safeguard yourself from the authorities and malware.

In the end, we do not recommend using any illegal streaming services, as it not only hurts you but hurts the moviemakers as well.

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