How to Help a Family Member or Friend Who is Divorcing?

No matter if a divorce is mutually intended and amicable or involves a protracted legal struggle, all parties experience emotional turmoil as a result of the process. 

It is simple to feel frozen with fear when a friend or loved one is divorcing! However, the greatest thing you can do in this circumstance is to provide your assistance, consideration, and personal attention without judgment or “strings attached.” Here are a few straightforward suggestions for supporting that person—male or female—during and after their divorce. For legal support, Click here.

Financial concerns and family turmoil can arise even after a straightforward, uncontested divorce. Among the many ways you may offer to assist is by bringing over some prepared foods like soups, lasagna, or salads, so they will not have to bother about cooking. 

  • Be an effective listener.

Be a kind listener when someone you care about needs to talk about what they are feeling. Keep your opinions to yourself and just be available for them to talk to when they want to. Do not provide counsel until specifically requested, and do not forget to express your appreciation for their friendship and your desire for their well-being.

  • Do not bash their ex-partner.

Even if it could be alluring, it is best to keep your opinions to yourself rather than criticize your friend or sibling’s ex-spouse. People going through a divorce are frequently emotionally divided, so if you use harsh language, it might make them feel even more wounded or enraged. Take the high road and try to have as calm and upbeat a conversation as possible.

  • Get to it!

Marriage demands a lot of time, so when your friend or sibling’s daily routines change and they move out on their own, they could feel a little lost and aimless. To lift their moods, organize simple, stress-free get-togethers like a night out at a favorite pizza joint, a trip to watch a positive or humorous movie, or a run or stroll in the neighborhood park.

  • Give your friend the initiative.

Take your friend’s or sibling’s social cues if you are unclear about what to say or do while you are together. Bring up other topics if you think they do not want to talk about their ex or the divorce. 

  • Establish a new custom.

Your buddy or sibling may begin rediscovering who they were before being married after going through a divorce; this is a beautiful opportunity to create new customs and activities you can enjoy together.

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