How to improve baldness? Prevent the spread of thinning hair by early detection and coping

The top of the head is invisible to you, so it isn’t easy to notice that the hair is thin. If you can see the skin, have a reddish tinge, or have weak hair when you stand on the washbasin and illuminate it, you may have a hair whorl. Recently, it seems that the number of teenage baldness in junior high school and high school students is increasing. Causes of baldness are androgenetic alopecia, poor blood circulation, irregular life, and stress.

There are several ways to improve the balding problem, so if you’re curious, try it. You can also get treatment at a specialized hospital, so you may want to consult with us. Get acquainted with the various ways to improve baldness and slow down your progress.

Characteristics and Causes of Baldness

If you know the cause clearly, you may know how to fix early balding, and you will get rid of the baldness.

  • Androgenetic alopecia: AGA is a condition in which genetic substances or male hormones thin hair. In particular, the male hormone dihydrotestosterone is likely to occur in the frontal and parietal regions and leads to baldness. Androgens are also found in women, so women can also develop AGA.
  • Poor blood circulation due to smoking habits: People who smoke tend to have poor blood circulation in the scalp. Nicotine in tobacco products causes vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, and increased pulse. When vasoconstriction occurs, blood circulation in the scalp also deteriorates, so the necessary nutrients do not reach the hair, and hair loss increases.
  • Irregular lifestyle: Chronic lack of sleep is one of the causes of maintaining healthy hair. During sleep, our body secretes a hormone called “growth hormone” that stimulates the growth of the body. This growth hormone also greatly affects hair, activating cells and leading to healthy hair growth.
  • Stress: Excessive or chronic stress weakens immunity and disturbs the autonomic nerves. When the autonomic nerves are disturbed, blood circulation deteriorates, and sufficient nutrition is not distributed throughout the body. In that case, of course, nourishment does not reach the hair, so the firm hair will not grow.
  • Deterioration of scalp environment: Normally, the scalp has a moderate amount of sebum, a barrier to the scalp. If you continue to use hair care products that are not suitable for your scalp or shampoos that are too cleansing, the barrier oil may be removed, and your scalp may become dry and dandruff or inflamed.

How to improve baldness: Hair thinning treatment

If hair thinning is progressing in earnest, it may not be possible to deal with it by just doing your hair care. Consider hair thinning treatment if needed. Here, we will introduce three types of hair thinning treatments that improve baldness.

  • Drug Treatment

Different types of drug treatment can be done according to doctors’ advice to solve any hair-related problem. Through which you can solve all the problems of your hair and avoid baldness.

  • Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is an operation in which the skin tissue of the temporal and occipital regions, which is not easily affected by AGA, is collected and transplanted to thin hair areas such as the frontal region.

  • Hair Growth

Hair growth is a method of increasing hair by attaching hair material to the scalp and ground hair. The advantage of hair growth is that you can improve thinning hair in a short time.

However, it is suggested to opt for any hair care treatment only after consulting reliable health professionals who could give you the right advice. You can reach out to the health experts through the best healthcare platforms like Numan. You may want to navigate to this website to check on the suggestions and advice by the experts and connect with them.

The important thing to solve baldness is to choose the hair thinning prevention/improvement method that suits you. Think of improving thinning hair as a start to get closer to your ideal self, not as a goal, for those who want to solve the problem of thinning hair as soon as possible.


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