How to insulate garage ceiling rafters

Extra cold inside the garage during winter will not be pleasant for you. Being extra cold will not make you feel comfortable there and is detrimental to the vehicles and valuables there. Excessive cold for long periods can damage the engine of the cars inside. You must be wondering how to get rid of this problem! There is no need to worry about it because today’s topic is garage door rafters insulating, which effectively creates favorable weather in the garage. You have to protect the top of the garage by keeping essential heat inside your garage. Garage ceiling rafters insulating is a crucial part of keeping the temperature high. Kyles Garage explain how to do the insulating job easily. You will be able to protect the garage ceiling rafters by following four easy steps: 

  • You can clean the garage walls.
  • You can cover the cracks.
  • Install the insulation.
  • Cover with drywall.

Supplies you will need for garage ceiling rafters insulation:

Fibreglass insulation

If you want to insulate yourself, then the insulation of fiberglass would be the best. It’s a must-have material to protect your full garage ceiling rafters. 

Garage door insulation kit

Garage door insulation is more suitable to use on garage ceiling rafters than garage doors.

Expanding foam

You should bring the expanding foam based on the cracks of the rafters. You can either borrow high or low expanding foam. Expanding foam is necessary to seal the cracks and gaps of the ceiling rafter.

Safety equipment

Fiberglass can badly harm your skin and body parts. You should use safety protection while insulating garage ceiling rafters.

You will need some tools to insulate garage ceiling rafters.


  • Utility knife.
  • Staple gun and staples.
  • Wood.

You should measure and pre-cut and use thicker R-40 insulation to insulate garage ceiling rafters.

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Instruction to insulate garage ceiling rafters

Clean the garage walls and area

If there is any dirt on the garage wall and floor, it should be cleaned immediately. When you choose an effective way to insulate, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of the inside of the garage. If there is dirt on the rafters, it is essential to clean it; otherwise, it will make the entire roof useless. As a result, the whole top may have to be replaced. Dirt in the environment can spread throughout the garage, using a garage floor snow mat can maintain the cleanliness of your garage floor during wintertime.

Cover the gaps and cracks

If you find any gaps, seal them very quickly. With expanding foam, you can do the job of a seal. Shake it for at least a minute before releasing the spray from the can, and be sure to use a straw. Since expanding foam spreads after a while, you can spray 50% of the area. It spreads in 5 to 20 minutes and does not have an hour to be completely stiff. So wait patiently.

Install the insulation

To cut the insulation, you can use a utility knife to fix it properly. Installing the insulation is too practical to keep the warm inside the garage.

Cover with drywall

After following all the above steps, the last step remaining for you is to cover the insulation with drywall.

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