Rolling within a typical career agenda is boring, right? If yes, then why not opt for something new? Here is a suggestion, consider making a career in the cruise ship industry.

The cruise ship industry is one of the fascinating industries with a great market value internationally that offers impeccable career pathways for individuals. Did you know that the worldwide revenue of the cruise market will be nearly 19 billion US Dollars by 2022? Don’t you think establishing a career in this industry will be a fruitful decision?

If yes, then start your cruise ship management course. Read more to know more.

Guide to starting your career in the cruise ship industry:

Standing at this point, it is important for you to know the magnanimous reach of cruise ships among the global population, in terms of both travel and career. As per data, around 29.7 million people have experienced cruise ship travel as of 2022 and around 1.8 million people have gained career opportunities in the cruise industry.

These data impart a clear idea of how good a career in the cruise industry happens to be. Now, it is time for you to know the way to start your career in the cruise industry.

Step 1: Get professional qualifications for the cruise ship industry:

The first and foremost step in establishing a career in the cruise ship industry is to take a professional course in top colleges such as Worldwide Management Studies which offers notable courses on cruise ship operation, catering management, and much more.

Here are the complete details of the cruise ship management course.

Course Description:

The cruise ship operation course is a 1-year certificate course designed to educate and train students on the various aspects of the cruise ship industry such as housekeeping, catering, and much more within the cruise.

This course provides practical training to students and moulds them to provide the best hospitality services on the cruise ship.

Many top colleges such as Worldwide Management Studies, one of the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata, and others offer this course.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Procedure:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue cruise ship management courses at top colleges such as Worldwide Management Studies are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10th grade at any recognised educational institution.

Admission to the cruise ship management course is provided based on the 10th score.


The syllabus of cruise ship operation courses at top colleges such as Worldwide Management Studies, one of the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata, and others are designed with a wide variety of subjects which together help master the qualifications for cruise ship management.

Here are the notable subjects in the cruise ship management course.

  • Cruise Operations
  • Port Operations
  • Maritime Law and Regulations
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Culinary Management and Catering Services
  • Customer Service and Hospitality Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Maritime Safety and Security
  • Financial Management for Shipping

Hope you got the complete idea of the cruise ship management course.

With these details, you have to find the right college and complete a cruise ship operations degree. The best college suggestion for this degree is Worldwide Management Studies, the top college that offers a wide range of courses in cruise ship, catering management, etc.

Step 2: Create an exclusive portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of all your works related to the chosen field to showcase your capability and eligibility for the job profile.

In the cruise ship industry career, it is very important for candidates to create an exclusive potential portfolio that demonstrates their value for the industry.

A portfolio of graduates from cruise ship management course should contain the following facets:

  • Contact details say phone number, email address, etc.
  • Educational Qualification Details
  • Projects and travel experiences related to the cruise industry.
  • Internship and training details.
  • Skills sets

Step 3: Apply for jobs in the renowned cruise establishments

With proper qualifications and a well-curated portfolio, now it is time for the students to enter into the job hunt. Search and apply for jobs in cruise establishments. Seek the support of cruise career recruitment agencies for landing on notable cruise career positions.

Some of the top cruise companies that can be considered for jobs after the cruise ship management course are as follows:

  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Crystal Cruises
  • P & O Cruises
  • Costa Cruises

Following these three steps will help one land in the best career in the cruise ship industry. Here are a few bonus tips to enhance your career in the cruise ship industry.

Bonus tips for a better career in the cruise ship industry:

  • Adapt personal branding strategies that involve promoting yourself in the various possible platforms to enhance the reach to potential recruiters of the cruise ship industry.
  • Develop an efficient LinkedIn profile of yours revealing all about you relevant to the cruise industry as top cruise companies hire skilled graduates by connecting via LinkedIn
  • Stay updated with the latest information and trends in the cruise ship industry as it will help you upgrade your career after the cruise ship management course.

If you are an explorative person willing to experience the best career, then implement these tips along with your dedicated cruise ship management learning journey to yield a notable career in the cruise industry.


Experimenting minds never settle for subtle things and if you are one such person, it is time for you to take up a cruise ship management course. Pursuing this course will unlock the door for a great career voyage in the travel and tourism sector of the world.


1. Which course is best for cruise ship?

The best course for the cruise ship industry is the cruise ship operations course offered at Worldwide Management Studies which is a renowned hotel management institute in India.

2. What is the salary of cruise ship management?

The average salary of cruise ship management is around INR 6 LPA to 7.5 LPA while top cruise line companies offer a starting salary of INR 11 LPA to INR 14 LPA.

3. Do I need a passport to work on cruise ships?

Yes, one should possess a valid passport to work on cruise ships as cruise ships cross international water borders in the travel journey.

  • What qualifications do you need to work on cruise ship?
  • The age should be at least 18 years.
  • Should have a valid passport.
  • Should have required a visa or work permit.
  • Language fluency.
  • Pass in medical examinations.


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