How to maintain hygiene in your everyday self-care routine

Skincare is self-care, and it should be as enjoyable as possible. But, it is imperat,ive to maintain hygiene to be in good health. For example, you should never keep your skincare items bottles in your bathroom. The humid environment of the bathroom is very favorable for organism growth. But, if you do not have any alternative space or opportunity, for now, you should take the highest precautions to make it better. Shaving equipment is a must in the bathroom. Instead of putting these sensitive products, you can use aluminum foam bottles . Aluminum foam bottles are extraordinarily classy and efficient to use in the bathroom. It will not catch rust easily to get dents everywhere. Besides, nowadays, there are food grade, medical-grade, and such varieties of aluminum bottles available In the market. You can choose according to your taste, need, and budget as well. Here in this article, we will discuss some sanitary skincare practices that will improve your skin conditions and provide better results than usual.

Hygiene tips

Clean your storage area

Most of us clean the house or places where we need to be out throughout the day. But, mostly, we forget the most important place at home. The storage area needs the best deep cleaning and maintenance at home. It is not only applicable for your skincare products to such. Keeping a healthy house means preventing many dangerous diseases. A simple precaution can save you and your family from food poisoning, cholera, and such diseases. When we are talking about self-care, then let us also mention some enjoyable things. It will help you to find out that everyday routine can be enjoyable as well. You can fire up a scented candle to set the mood. But, always make sure to keep the flame away from children or direct contact with adults. The following safety or hygiene step for your self-care regimen is to use the applicators wisely.

Use wisely

Nowadays, facial massager tools like the zed stones, Gua Sha are prevalent among users. But, these tools are the first place of bacterial contamination and growth. So, you have to be very careful about the cleanliness of the product and method as well. For example, you can dip the used brushes or Guasha in 10% isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol is a potent material to kill bacterial colonies and maintaining the ph balance. So, you should follow the complete regimen to keep yourself and your family healthy. When it comes to preventing contamination spread, then we should know about better alternatives. Plastic is awful for the environment and our health as well. So, we can switch slowly towards aluminum lotion bottles . Aluminum has a very little anti-bacterial property like silver. It prevents any growth in the product and keeps it effective till the expiring date. Glass bottles are another great option to keep your products safe. Glass is extraordinarily non-reactive and exceptionally resilient. So, it is reusable that reduces environmental pollution, and it has better compliance as well.

Washing regularly and correctly

Washing is a crucial step in maintaining hygiene. COVID-19 breakout highlighted the need to wash or sanitize our hands properly. At home it’s easy to wash your hands with soap and water, but when out of the house this becomes a bit harder and this is when hand sanitisers step in. When out, you should always carry a bottle of hand sanitiser with you. This makes it easy to sanitise your hands after being in public, which is when you’re at the highest risk of being exposed to germs, viruses and bacterial. Aluminum bottles or storage devices are very helpful for hand sanitisers in this case.


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