How to master in AWA section of GRE

In the analytical assessment section of the GRE, AWA is going to be the first section that one is going to attempt. This section has to be attempted before the verbal section. Mostly, in the first section, 2 types of essays are given. One is an argument analysis essay and the other is an issue-based essay. Both these essay tasks are scored from 0 to 6 in increments of 0.5. So one can score like 3, 3.5, 4.5 or 4, one can’t score like 4.9, 3.7 as the increments are of 0.5. The final score of this section would be the average of both the issue type and argument-based essay. For instance, if your score in the argument task is 5 and in the issue, you score 4, the average comes out to be 4.5, which is going to be the score for this section.

If your score is above 3.5, it would not be considered an excellent score but if your score is 4, it would be above the score that 60% of people are scoring. If someone gets a score of 4.5 or 5, it is considered to be an excellent score and any university would happily accept it with open arms. One should never neglect the AWA section and include AWA GRE examples in the mock practice session. So that you don’t mess up and maintain your mental stability while the first hour of your GRE. Let us know about the cracks that can benefit you with the AWA section

1. Lengthy Essays is equivalent to more scores

The longer essays you write, the more scores you will get. If you talk about the lengthier part, the essays should also make sense. One should not only write with the mindset to make a long paragraph so that it looks fulfilling but every word in the paragraph should make sense. Try to write a point essay, do not write basic things, give a proper analysis of the issue or the argument you are heading up to. A range of 450 – 500 is considered to be quite impressive in the AWA section.

2. Practising Meaningful content

By meaningful content, you should practise hardcore essays, so you have a practice of every range of essays. The essays given in the AWA section are average in type so that everyone can attempt them. But while practising in the mock session one should always go for difficult essays so that it gives you a real-time management challenge and hence it prepares you for the best. Always keep in mind; it is not the practice of writing that would count at the end but the practice of reading. So practice by reading a lot of high-scoring essays, Read More and write less.

3. Score your essays

In case you have joined the coaching centre for the preparation of GRE, ask your tutor or instructor to score your essays. In case you’re doing it all by yourself ask your friend who is fluent in English to score the same for you. By scoring the essays you will have a real view of how informative and to the point your essays are and if there is scope for improvement. It is going to be helpful for you and provide you with a proper insight as to how your writing skills are.

Therefore, these are the three basic tricks that one needs to practice before attempting the AWA section of GRE. Never neglect or take the AWA section for granted. It will either help you to score more marks or will ruin your entire assessment.


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