How to open a restaurant from scratch?

Everyone who has thought about opening their own business, probably mentally went through those areas in which it will be interesting to do business, and those that will bring income. Surveys show that the restaurant business is the most common “crossroads.” Many people want to open their own café, bar, or, if finances and ambitions allow, a haute cuisine restaurant. The catering niche in Russia is not yet saturated enough, so there is room for bold beginnings and fresh ideas.

The restaurant business is one of the most recoupable – it will take about a year to cover the costs. But the risks in the gastronomy business are also great – about one in three establishments “goes bankrupt” within 12 months of opening. This industry is more competitive than it has ever been, and customers’ attention is split between well-known chains, expanding supermarket delivery choices, and various independent eateries vying for attention. That’s why you need to know how to write a perfect restaurants press release.

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What kind of restaurant to open? Defining the concept

So, you are not afraid of risk and decided to open your own enterprise. What to start with in order to open a successful restaurant?

First of all, you should decide on the concept of the restaurant – to which category of the price range the institution will belong and what direction the cuisine will take.

When starting a restaurant from scratch, it’s crucial to have a reliable and efficient system in place to manage your operations smoothly. One key aspect to consider is investing in top-notch restaurant POS systems. These systems are designed specifically for the restaurant industry and offer a wide range of features to streamline your business. From order management and inventory control to payment processing and staff scheduling, restaurant POS systems simplify your daily tasks and enhance the overall efficiency of your operations. If you’re looking for a trusted provider of restaurant POS systems, restaurant pos systems is a leading name in the industry. With their comprehensive solutions and user-friendly interfaces, they offer a seamless experience for both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Their advanced features, such as real-time reporting and analytics, allow you to gain valuable insights into your business performance and make data-driven decisions. By implementing a reliable restaurant POS system, you can streamline your processes, reduce errors, and enhance customer service. Whether you’re a small eatery or a large-scale restaurant, investing in a high-quality POS system is a worthwhile decision that can significantly impact your success.

It can be an elite restaurant with a couple of dozen seats, with exotic cuisine and 200 kinds of wine, or a casual restaurant offering dishes loved by Russians, business lunches and a banquet menu. This can be a small and inexpensive coffee shop, where the main income depends on the flow of customers. But it is also possible to stop at the idea of a street cafe a restaurant in the “fast food” category, or a seafood buffet where you can source your seafood and frozen lobster tails online from Get Maine Lobster.

The cuisine can also be varied: it can be restaurants focused on the cuisine of a particular country – Japanese, Italian, French restaurants, Irish pubs, German taverns. Or they can be traditional restaurants with a varied menu, but at different levels – from luxury to the simplest home-cooked meal. The most profitable and sellable are considered casual dining restaurants or inexpensive cafes, provided that the latter are open in areas with large passability.

Only after choosing a concept, you can begin to develop a business plan, taking into account all the features of a particular type of institution.

Choosing the space and making repairs

The room for the restaurant should be in a fairly crowded area of the city or in a place convenient for the passage of cars if we are talking about a high-end institution.

It is better to rent or buy a separate building or the first floor of a building on a busy street, near office centers, parks, or large stores – if you are going to open a casual restaurant or a business-class cafe. If you plan to open a fast-food place, you can rent space in a mall, for example, in the food court area.

Before the start of repair work, a design project is developed and it is determined what the end result should be. And then begins laying the foundation of the future establishment – conducted engineering and technological design (according to many restaurateurs, this is one of the most difficult phases of the work): ventilation, electricity, water, sewage, increases – if necessary – the height of the ceilings. Depending on all the same concept of the restaurant is zoned kitchen space and the hall for guests, planned office space.

Then to work begin designers, decorators and service specialists – created the interior of the hall, installed equipment in the kitchen, worked through the details of decoration, making the atmosphere of your restaurant unique, special, memorable.


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