How to Play Online Blackjack with a Live Dealer

At a time when it is not completely safe for us to go to brick-and-mortar casinos, we can still enjoy that same immersive experience online. To get that experience, you need to choose online casinos with live dealer games like blackjack that are relatively easy to play as interfaces are similar to real-life establishments.

While most interfaces are user-friendly, there are still some things you need to get familiar with to play live dealer blackjack that we’ve listed below.

VIP Blackjack

Due to the high number of players online, many have chosen to play casino online VIP blackjack because those tables are rarely filled. To play VIP blackjack with a live dealer online, you need to be prepared to pay higher stakes per bet due to its being a very comfortable option.

The good news is that you don’t need to pay thousands to play because VIP tables are color-coded in many online casinos. The basic tables usually require $50 minimum bets, with the premium tables starting from $1,000 minimum bets.

Bet Behind

Bet behind blackjack is great for when all tables are occupied at your favorite casino’s live dealer games. This type of live dealer blackjack lets you bet on the current players before the cards are dealt and hope that the player wins the hand.

While this might not sound like an ideal option since you have zero control of the decisions that happen in-game, this type of blackjack can be more fruitful. That’s because you can study how the players play before putting money on them and possibly find a very good player for the perfect stay-at-home entertainment.

Party Blackjack

Party blackjack with a live dealer is the best option for a fun night, but when you play, don’t forget to ensure your online safety too. When playing party blackjack, you can expect around two or more dealers who’ll be cracking jokes to create a stress-free, enjoyable environment.

Party blackjack doesn’t need you to fork out large bets so you can enjoy the experience for hours without hurting your bank balance. There’s the option of a side bet too on party blackjack that can be used with the Ante bet.

Regular Blackjack

However, if you want to play regular blackjack with a live dealer, you must expect that things will be different as opposed to playing an algorithm. The first is that live dealers don’t shuffle their cards after each hand which makes it possible to count cards, but that’s not recommended.

That’s because you can get banned from the casino as in brick-and-mortar establishments. In regular live dealer games, also expect to pay regular minimum bets instead of the ultra-low bets on algorithm games.

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