How to Prepare for class 10 Math Olympiad 

Mathematics Olympiad is an essential examination for a student enrolled in standard 10 because it would pay the foundation for the mathematics that he is going to study in the upcoming years. It is a crucial stage in a student’s career and he must ensure that he does not let this opportunity slip out of his hand due to any circumstance. An efficient strategy for preparation should be employed that could be utilised by the student to ace the examination. For a start, a student might consider referring to IMO Sample Paper 2 with Answers For Class 10 for a better idea about the structure of the examination. The question papers are easily accessible.

The following tips may be taken into consideration by the student for an effective preparation guide. It is essential to keep all these points in mind before attempting the examination.  

  • A student must be familiar with each and every part of the mathematics textbook used by his school teacher before embarking on his journey to conquer the Mathematics Olympiad. Develop a fundamental understanding of the subject. Given that the syllabus isn’t usually that vast and can be easily covered by an average joe, practising a wide variety of problems once every two weeks is enough to score good marks in the final exam. Complete all of the exercises in the NCERT textbook in the correct order. Typically, the entire year’s syllabus is covered in the Olympiad, so answering all of the NCERT questions ensures a decent rank in the Olympiad.  
  • It is also critical to listen to the teacher in math class. A teacher generally covers all of the topics covered in the section and also advises students on the types of questions that will appear on the exam. Paying attention in class may result in a successful performance outcome for the student in the future. A well-educated private tutor could help a student maximise and exploit his or her potential in a systematic way. A student should consider speaking with his teacher in order to overcome his weaknesses and gain confidence in his abilities. 
  • When a student has completed his fundamentals, he must practise from Olympiad-specific books. When selecting books, it is critical to consult with a senior who has achieved a rank in an Olympiad in previous years to gain insight into the appropriate books to be used. For appropriate guidance, one should also consult their mentor. Apart from this, it is essential to devote time to the difficult chapters so that a student does not get stuck on a problem during exam time. The significance of approaching problems with diligence and putting forth effort for the project should also be considered for a higher score. NCERT is a valuable book at this stage of a student’s life because it not only helps a student achieve a decent enough rank in the Olympiad examination, but it also fuels a student’s interest in mathematics, pushing them toward a research career later in their lives.
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is critical. Many comrades neglect their health in order to achieve academic excellence, but this approach is ultimately harmful. All work and no play can have a negative impact on one’s mental health and lead to willpower exhaustion. It is dangerous to apply pressure above the yield point at this young age. In modern times, an International Mathematical Olympiad test does not only consist of a question paper that relies on the calculation or mental ability of the student for that matter, but it also includes the part that checks the student’s creative aptitude. Hence, only mugging of formulas is not really enough for a decent score.  
  • While studying for the final exam, the competitive spirit must be maintained. One must learn from their competitors and strive to better themselves as a result. Engage in peer interaction. A healthy rival allows much more room for growth than a lecture from a mentor or resources from the internet. Discussion of doubts among peers relieves stress and allows a student to learn from his social circle. Social awareness is required for success; otherwise, solitude can stymie progress and leave a student feeling lonely and depressed.
  • Following the completion of all of these aspects, the next step is to attempt mock tests. Previous year papers are easily accessible through the internet and can be accessed with a single click. Mock tests are important components of the preparation strategy because they estimate a person’s standing among his peers. It takes a few practise tests to achieve the desired performance output. Even if one fails some of their mock tests, remember that a failed test does not equal a failed person, so a student should keep trying despite repeated failed efforts because that is what is going to give him mental strength.  
  • With the introduction of education websites, resources are now at the tip of one’s finger. During the preparation period, the internet may also be used for recreation. Web series, movies, and songs relieve stress and aid in academic performance. Aside from that, the student can benefit from the numerous online forums. Based on previous experience, most problem setters that are hired for setting the question paper for the International Mathematics Olympiad assign a difficult math paper that tests the student’s understanding on a deeper level. Before delving into the complex, one must first understand the fundamentals of mathematics. 


Concluding this article, a brief overview of steps is already enlisted that might help in increasing the average score of a student. Preparation for the Olympiad may appear difficult at this age, but as stated numerous times in this article, it is usually a piece of cake if a person is able to appreciate the beauty of the subject. Despite repeated failures, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication to continue practising for the Olympiad. In the end, It doesn’t really matter what the outcome is if the person has put in enough effort and time learning the subject. 


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