How To Prepare for Your Family’s Professional Photos

Do you want to create a picture that captures your family’s joy? Are you eager to get shots that you love and want to share? Family photos can sometimes feel overwhelming, but you can achieve a cute family image perfect for holiday cards or the household portrait. Use the following tips to lay the proper foundation and circumvent any obstacles that come your way!

1. Take Time for Skincare

Days and nights get busy when you have a household to run. You may want to collapse in bed, forgoing the evening skincare routine. If you have pictures coming up, though, it’s not something to toss to the side. Skin dries out in hot climates and gets oily in moist settings. Cleansing and moisturizing with products is a good idea. Wash regularly and use a face serum to support your skin’s hydration.

2. Find a Photographer You Love

Deals are great, but you want to love this picture. Find a happy balance, therefore, between price and product quality. After all, one of the last things you want is to pay for an image that isn’t worth hanging. Narrow down a list of several reliable photographers. Speak with neighbors and friends about their experiences and take off anyone others didn’t love. In addition, view albums online to seek a good look at the locations the professionals use and how you like their images.

Feel free to interview the photographers too. If you’re torn between two, ask to speak over the phone. Have a couple of questions that hit your primary interests for this shoot. Bonus points if the photograph reviews helpful hints and tips too. Having a support system and someone to bounce ideas with is good.

3. Decide on Location

While your family is the center of attention for this photo, location matters. The background creates the ambiance of the image. Go natural with a beach or park setting. Pick something more intimate like your home. The spot should represent someplace you love.

4. Plan Outfits

This step can get CRAZY! Don’t let it. Make it clear that you want people to coordinate. That doesn’t mean matchy-matchy (which teens are unlikely to do). Coordinating a color scheme is a bit easier. Have everyone wear something simple like white bottoms and a blue top. Allowing a bit of freedom helps avoid arguments and fussiness. Ask to see things ahead of time to reduce discussions and frustrations, and above all, pick items that feel comfortable.

5. Pick an Open Day

Rushing causes several potential troubles. People get cranky, and it’s hard for them to feel and look their best. Therefore, pick a day with little going on, encouraging a fun, relaxing photo outing. Be sure you have time to eat ahead of time. The American Psychological Association notes that hunger impacts mood. Hunger pains aren’t fun, causing people to argue more and choose grumpy faces over smiles. If you have little ones, give them time to nap, so they aren’t overtired.

6. Have an Emergency Bag

Life is unpredictable. The four-year-old could spill juice on your outfit. Your little one could have an accident, ruining that perfect outfit. Accept that unfortunate events happen and make adjustments with emergency supplies. Have a backup selection (something simple) for each family member. Swap out the stained attire for something clean and suitable.

What else should be in the bag? Bring along items that keep people entertained and content. You ate lunch, but the toddler is currently screaming for crackers. It’s okay. Have a snack available. Choose things unlikely to ruin the outfit. Someone slipped and has a boo boo. Pack bandaids to soothe the tears. Grab the favorite stuffed animal. It may encourage a bigger smile.

Love your family photo, and enjoy the experience with some pre-planning. Find a professional you love and think about your session prep, gathering outfits and thinking about essentials. Snap that image. It’s a moment you want to have for a long time.


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