How to properly use a WordPress chatbot for your business?

The chatbot is an indispensable modern tool for the development of a company’s activities, whatever the sector of activity. Still called a chatbot or conversational agent, it comes in different models depending on the technology used. It can be deployed on instant messaging applications, or directly on a website. Discover, in this post, how to use a WordPress chatbot for your business.

What is a chatbot ?

The chatbot is a computer program capable of chatting via message or phone call with a human interlocutor. Very popular with e-commerce sites, it can rely on artificial intelligence or machine learning technology. If you are used to shopping online, you will certainly have already met this technological marvel which is referred to under several names, namely: conversational interface, interactive agent, talkbot.

On the market, there are mainly two models of chatbot. The first, the most popular, is the classic chatbot that works on the basis of a system of decision trees and keywords. The second one is the natural language chatbot that is able to perform personalized conversations, thanks to its advanced semantic analysis capability.

Why should you install a chatbot on your WordPress site ?

Whether it’s a simple template or a complex one, it’s important to install a WordPress chatbot on your site. This is because this cutting-edge technology saves time. You won’t need to be permanently logged in on your website before responding to visitors. A chatbot is quite capable of answering most of your customers’ queries. Moreover, if you adopt the model with artificial intelligence and natural language, your chatbot will be able to answer properly the most complex requests. In short, adopting a chatbot will allow your company to provide continuous service, with or without the presence of a human agent.

Moreover, the chatbot has the ability to respond instantly to the requests of a site’s visitors. This will make your platform more dynamic and attractive. That’s why we advise you, if you haven’t already done so, to equip your WordPress site with a chatbot.

Using a chatbot plugin on WordPress

A WordPress plugin is an additional module that allows you to add new features, or to extend existing ones. Written in PHP (programming language) and integrated to WordPress, it can be used for different tasks. On the market, there are popular plugins such as Tars, or IBM’s Watson. It is up to you to identify, among the different WordPress chatbots templates, the one that offers the most interesting functionalities for your activities.

To equip your WordPress site with a chatbot, we advise you to choose the Botnation platform, which will allow you to create and install your chatbot plugin for free. To do so, once on the Botnation platform, click on the “Activate” button on the top right of your screen. Then click on “Add a website” and enter the name and URL of your website. You will see that two keys will be generated automatically. Just copy them, and paste them into the corresponding fields on the plugin configuration page of your WP admin panel.

Finally, please click on “Save Changes” to start enjoying the chatbot services on your WordPress site. However, you should make sure to customize your chatbot according to your specific business needs. Don’t hesitate to test and make the necessary corrections to your Botnation chatbot, which offers many features such as KPI analysis, task automation, or even importing the data collected on your customers into a spreadsheet.

Learn more about WordPress chatbot here.

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