How To Register For 11Bet Quickly In 5 Minutes

11Bet is having a strong position in the field of online betting at home and abroad. Not only is it an extremely safe playground, this site also offers games that are leading the current market trends. So how to register an account at the bookie without taking too much time? Find the answer in the following article!

1.11Bet registration conditions required for each player

At every bookie, there is a separate list of conditions to apply to participants who register for an account, even 11Bet is no exception. Therefore, players need to comply with the following three main conditions:

Full 18 years or older: To create an account at the 11Bet house, players must be 18 years or older according to personal information documents. It also means that you are old enough to take responsibility for your actions.

Already have a bank account: You also need a bank account in your name to make deposits and withdrawals during betting at the house. However, players are not allowed to share this account with others to avoid arising.

Self-Security of Personal Information: When the 11Bet registration process is complete, you and the bookie will jointly participate in the security of your information. Therefore, you must not let other players know your account name and password to avoid being drained of money in your account.

Key conditions to be followed before applying for 11Bet

2. Instructions for registering to create an account at the 11Bet bookie

The 11Bet house is famous for its extremely hot games along with outstanding advantages that are not inferior to the leading playgrounds on the market. Moreover, the number of newbies is increasing day by day, resulting in a large demand for account registration. Therefore, the bookie decided to post instructions on how to register as follows:

Step 1: Click directly on the link to access 11Bet’s homepage

First, players start turning on their devices and click on the web browser. Then, please click on the official link of the bookie attached to the article, or find the link on the search engine to get to the homepage quickly.

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Step 2: Fill in the required information

Once you have entered the main interface of 11Bet, the top of the homepage will have a Register box in the right corner of the screen. Players please click on it to proceed with the registration with the following important information:

Username: The player’s account name will be displayed throughout the experience, so 11Bet requires this item to include 6 to 30 characters, written immediately without accents.

Password: The password length will be 6 to 30 characters including lowercase characters, numbers and special characters.

Re-enter password: Players need to re-enter the password as above.

Email address: Please enter your email address to receive promotional notifications or other important announcements from the bookie.

Next, click Register to wait for the house to approve for a moment.

Step 3: Add information in your personal account

When the interface has displayed a successful account creation message, players should use that account to log in. Continue to click on the top account item to update the necessary information for future transactions.

Register 11Bet with just 3 simple steps

3.Frequently asked questions about 11Bet . registration

Currently, there are quite a few brothers who are having problems while registering for 11Bet. Therefore, the house will answer some questions about errors or problems that players encounter.

3.1 Facing an error that cannot confirm the phone number, what to do?

Players need to check if they have entered the correct phone number or not. If you have entered it correctly but still get this error, please reload the web to re-enter it from the beginning or contact 11Bet’s customer service for resolution.

3.2 Failing to enter an incorrect password, what to do?

During the registration process of 11Bet, many people often encounter a password error. This may be because you create a password of less than 6 characters or do not enter uppercase letters, leading to an error message. At this time, please change to another password to ensure that it meets the requirements mentioned above.

3.3 Error on the wrong server when registering 11Bet

If the server is wrong, there will be a situation where the Register button is pressed and rotated continuously. This may be due to the 11Bet maintenance at the right time or the player’s network has lost connection. So, players, please check if your device’s network is stable or check the message maintenance from the house 11Bet.

How to fix some common player registration errors

Above is information related to account registration at 11Bet. Before doing this, players should carefully read the terms or regulations that the house has set forth. Besides, if you encounter any unexpected problems, please chat with us or call for advice!


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