How to Save on Online Shopping Through Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a bit over a decade old, but they have already been accepted by a good proportion of the population. These currencies are used as speculative investments, and many websites now accept them as payment currencies. Bitcoin is commonly used for online shopping, online gambling, and the purchase of other online services. If you enjoy shopping online, you should consider using altcoins instead of fiat currencies. This way, you will be able to save money and can enjoy advantages like autonomy. Let’s look at how shoppers can save money while transacting with BTC.

Purchase Gift Cards

On lots of online shopping platforms, you will be able to purchase gift cards, which you can later use to buy items. When you buy gift cards with crypto, your seller will not have to pay commissions on the sale, and that saving is usually transferred to customers. Also, many sellers offer gift cards at discounts, especially when you shop using BTC. You should also note that gift cards can allow you to make purchases on eCommerce stores that don’t accept BTC. Unlike altcoins, gift cards have a stable value, and that eliminates worry about any lowering of price.

Get Discounts on Purse IO

On Purse IO, buyers can use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to purchase items at discounts of 5% to 33%. If you want larger discounts, you will have to wait longer for the site to process your order. You should note that this service only allows buyers to get items from Amazon as it has not expanded to other online stores. The discounts offered at Purse IO may seem unrealistic, but the site is legitimate and has fulfilled lots of orders for very low prices. They simply give regular people a chance to use their Amazon credits to purchase items on the eCommerce platform, after which you will be allowed to get the product at a discount. In exchange, the seller receives cryptocurrencies. In this way, all users of the platform end up getting a good deal.

Save Money on Transactions

When you buy cryptocurrencies, you will be able to transact online without paying unreasonable transaction fees. This is because the transactions are not processed by financial institutions. In most cases, buyers only need to pay transaction fees of less than a US cent. That means you can make large purchases without having to pay huge transaction fees. As noted earlier, you will be able to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies whenever a platform does not accept BTC. An extra benefit you will enjoy when you buy bitcoin is that the transactions are completed instantly as there are no authorization requirements.

You Don’t Need to Pay Any Bank Fees

Since the currency is not processed by financial institutions, you will not have to pay any deposit or withdrawal fees. Also, you don’t need to pay any fees for the maintenance of your account or whenever you get a returned deposit. When you buy cryptocurrencies, you will be able to transact for a lower price.


Online shopping is extremely convenient, and when you use altcoins, you will be able to score massive discounts. You should remember that these currencies are not regulated by any government or financial institution, so your privacy will be respected. Also, the cost of transacting with BTC will be kept at a minimum. Since many eCommerce platforms still don’t accept these currencies, you should consider buying gift cards with BTC. This will allow you to shop using BTC and other similar currencies. Also, many platforms offer discounts whenever you purchase gift cards with BTC. Services like Purse IO will also allow you to shop for products on Amazon while giving you discounts of up to 33%.


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